Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Bounce

We are rounding the bend and the goal post is starting to come into sight. It's 6 days and counting to V-Day, November 4Th. If you haven't cast that all important ballot yet, then what are you waiting for. Early voting is in full effect and waiting on you to do your civic duty. But before you go to the polls, take a moment for my latest post as well as updates, breaking news, commentary and so much more for the GLBTQ community and beyond....

The Undeciders: As curious as it may seem, apparently there is a still, yes still about 6% of the electorate that's "undecided" about who they believe should be the next Commander and Chief. Now, I know that I'm a very meticulous, often over studious, looking it from all angles guy, but it didn't take me that long to make a decision. According to CNN's Dr. Gupta, it's all about those synapses firing in those all important cranial lobes called the brain. He's analyzed that some individuals are still "data gathering" and when it comes to making the decision they some how go into a "tipping" mode which doesn't allow them to make a decision. Yet , the good doc stated that this doesn't make them indecisive but rather overly cautious with their choices. Whew! Just to think that every vote counts! O.K. undeciders let's get cracking and get decided for change. Get to the polls and VOTE! Need a little prodding, here's a link for your consideration:

GAY Rock in the City: I surfed on over to to catch up on the competition, since there public roll out a few months back. The site itself has been well designed and seemed user friendly, even though my registered Password/User name that was taken during that event still doesn't work. I guess with all the new gizmo's they added perhaps a re-register may be in order. Nevertheless, despite a few conversations with site manager Keith, I'm still a bit bemused by exactly what direction or what's going on over there. It's promoted as a "connect, share, participate," thingy that has lots of canned news bits, most likely cut & pasted as content. I suspect that some of that "connect" business has overtones of "people needing people," for at least a the night anyway. I've been amazed at the level of the many of you whom tell me that you are getting busy with "KKF's."For those not in the know, they are known as, "Knock Knock Fucks". Wow, the only person knocking at my door is the FEDX guy with my latest purchase. Then, there's the video section featuring Johnny Mc govern as the Gay Pimp, screeching his song," Soccer Practice" complete with boys in jock straps and such. It's suppose to be "so funny" but I really wasn't that amused. Overall, I'm glad to know that other community citizens are bringing their unique talents to the web for the GLBTQ community and beyond. It's a tough gig because it takes all you got to keep going. Believe me, I do it daily.

Stonewall Wine Funder: I wanted to remind all readers about the Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Arkansas' Fall Wine Tasting taking place October 30, 2008 6pm - 8pm at 2200 South Broadway in Little Rock A $25 donation can be given at the door. The featured guest will be Robbie Thomas-Knight, PhD. Ms. Knight has been a strong equal rights supporter in the state and instrumental in the fight against ACT 1. According to the e-blurb, this event is a funder for ACT 1 and a "portion" of the donation goes toward this effort. However, as with so many of our local fundraising activities. It's not clear as to how much or what percentage of that portion will be so designated. After all usually when these fundraising soirees or events take place their seems to be some fuzzy "transparency" about what was raised and how was it disbursed. O.K. let me stop making fiscal sense and encourage you to attend. Also don't forget to cast your vote against ACT 1.

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Anonymous said...

I for one have cast my ballot into the wind. Were it will land or how it will be counted is anyones guess. Keep in mind whom ever wins this dog-catchers rase will most certainly need his shots and tags updated. I also have one slightly used shock-collar for sale if they or their staff needs one.
Now, about these "so called" fundrasers. I have asked vie-email
twice, what precentage of the take of the $25.00 door fee/donation will be applied to the purpose. But
no answer has been supplied as of late. They either are trying to decide how much, or are trying to figure out how to distract us from the question.