Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fast Track COP: 24/7

It's the last quarter of 2008, October is fading fast, time is running out on election cycle 08, the world is still turning and I'm staying in the Big Chair delivering the who, what, where and what the hell, in news, commentary, updates and links. Hold on, it's going to be another fast and furious outing. Are you ready? Let's do it...

Wine with that Cheese: In case you've missed it, I posted several blurbs about the Stonewall Democrats Wine tasting fundraiser in which a portion of the proceeds are to be designated to the Act 1 issue. It's obvious that others are sorta wondering in the that same vein, and are starting to leave comments in this forum. Now let me be clear, I'm not "slamming" ASD for having a fundraiser, but it's the practice of any organization throwing these little ditties with murky details and lackluster responses to inquires as noted by a comment posted here. Yes, I keep preaching that it's all in the details and yet, it keep falling on deaf ears. Go figure...

Early Votin in Arkansas: I've been promoting and damn near threatening people to go early vote in lieu of my posted early vote experience. I did have to wait in line about an hour or so, but I believed that it was worth the wait. According the election officials to date some approximately 200,000 citizens have stepped up to the plate. Even though I'm thrilled about those figures, I'm concerned about the reported fact that many of those touch electronic machines don't actually have a true "paper trail." Arkansas is one of those many states with this possible dilemma, in case of malfunctions or other election shigity that could take place in this closely watch voting cycle. I'm hopin and wishin that there's no mishaps, missing votes, or any versions of "hanging chads,' this time around. The voting continues, if you haven't done yet, what are you waiting on! If you have, thanks for being a part of the process.

Ballot Contenders: Yeah we know about McCain and Obama, but believe it or not, there are other candidates on the ballot for your consideration and many are on ballots in Arkansas.As promised, I'm putting them out there as an informational alternative. Even though these folks don't get the cash haul of those other guys, they are real candidates of national parties. In case you thought there were only two parties in this land, trust me there seems to be a little something out there for everyone ranging from the fringe to extreme. Buyer beware! Here's some links to their websites and info: This is the site for multi-presidential contender, Ralph Nader who has been taking it to the street for decades. He's always had interesting ideas, concepts and a taking no prisoner approach.
Libertarian candidate Bob Barr ( ) and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin ( ) each have savvy sites which include video and the obligatory product store portal for their campaign stuff.
Again, for the record The Bouncing O is not the first African American that's made a bid for the presidency, just the first from one of "major monopoly"parties. This year African American and former House member,Cynthia McKinney represents the Green Party at She's most remembered for her "hairgate" episode where she gave diva attitude to Capitol security that ended up in a high publicized ruckus and her demise. This particular website actually works, but other are tricky.

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