Monday, October 27, 2008

Up the Periscope, Part Deux

Hi I'm Cornelius, The Blogger and during this historic election I'm vowing to put country first, as well as embrace a daily change mantra in this forum. I know that I can count on you to keep coming to this site for a daily dose of updates, commentaries, links and just plain ole stuff. Thanks for reading and I approve this message... And now with 8 Days to go until Election Day, let's do.. Up the Periscope, Part Deux.

A Early Votin we Go: It's a done deal. I did my civic duty by going to the polls to early vote. If you haven't then what are you waiting for? Was the line long? Not as long as it was earlier on 10.09.08, but I wasn't detered by this minor invconveinence, esepcially in leiu of the significance of this years excercise. For me personally, this entire political cycle has taken me to a new level of involvement. First I attempted to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention after a ebbing and flowing through that ill fated process. Yet, I learned much, realizing that more grass root "politicking" and getting a head start is paramount. I have not regrets for taking that step. Secondly, I offered myself volunteer work for Team O, although my schedule hasn't always been accomodating. Another first for me was, putting my small financial contributions in play toward candidates or issues I deemed important. I've always known that Benjamin Power is the ultimate power of the electorate and this year it's been ever more evident. And finally, this forum has allowed me a chance to opine my observations and inquires across the board. When the election process began some 11 months ago, some readers asked if I would be covering aspects of it. To date, I believe that I've made every attempt to offer a variety of angles and viewpoints. In all fairness, the ballot is not just a two party mash up, there are other national political parties that exisit with candidates in this hunt. In this wanning days of the campaign 08, I plan to offer info on those individuals as well. Until then, it's onward, upward and God Bless America!

Ballot INFO: I'm encouraging you to please invite your family and friends for an important discussion that should assist you in understanding how to cast your ballot concerning Act 1. This measure has been denounced by Gov. Beebe and a host of other professionals whom believe that this initiative is unnecessary and regressive. If you can, catch this "teachable moment!"

Community Forum on Arkansas Adoption/Foster Care Initiated Act 1
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 6:30pm
800 Scott St., Little Rock, AR
Inside First Presbyterian Church

Learn more about the Arkansas Adoption/Foster Care Act ( Initiated Act 1) which would ban all unmarried, cohabiting adults from being able to legally adopt or become foster parents.
A screening of a documentary film from the ACLU's "Freedom Files" series featuring an Arkansas family will be shown.
The evening's discussion will also feature speakers from the Center for Artistic Revolution's (CAR) "ALL Families Matter" project.
For more information:
501-244-9690 or 501-258-3186

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