Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Event Horizons in Color

It's mid-week and COP:24/7 is winding up and ready to go full tilt with Pride 2009. For the next two weeks this forum will explore everything PRIDE connected and then some. However, we certainly won't neglect breaking news, updates, and what else is happening on the globe. Therefore, without further delay, let's go get em...

Unity in Pride Picnic: COP:24/7 has joined forces with area supporters in assiting with producing this years Pride Picnic scheduled for 6.21.09 at 12:30 P.M. in Allsop Park. The plans are taking shape with a quickness, but you can still volunteer, donate, sponsor and most important of all, "tell all ya friends," to come on out. Get this, the cost is FREE. Yes my readers, it's a community unity picnic in search of creating pathways to cohesiveness as well as closing ranks on a variety of fronts. There will be speakers, music, games concluding with a softball game. Please look for posters, flyers and of course online media from CorneliusOnpoint.
The buzz is out and we will be looking for you. Need more info, get in touch today at our site or Can we count on your support!

Capacity Building in the City: The Arkansas Department of Health(ADH) in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Corrections will be hosting a training on June 26, in the ADH auditorium. The focus of the training is based on prisoner re-entry into mainstrean society, most notably barriers and the callabortive partnership required for positive outcomes. Also, this training will cover a variety of steps towards identifying means of transitioning HIV prisoners into healthcare upon release. If you are interested in attending; simply respond to Mr. Rhodes at 661-2762 by June 17 to reserve a seat. Seating capacity is limited and this is scheduled to be an all day event (8:00 – 4:30).

Saying No to Hate: After much wrangling and politicking the U.S. Senate leadership has settled on passing hate-crimes legislation -- which would expand existing federal law to include crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability -- as an amendment to another bill rather than voting on it as a stand-alone piece of legislation. In case you are not up to speed on this matter, this issue has had a rough and tumble time in gaining sponsors or traction on Capitol Hill. It's been bumping around Congress for the last decade despite affirmative votes. The Human Rights Campaign has been an ardent proponent of the legislation, meanwhile urging that the final bill composition be passed and sent to President Obama before it's August recess. Locally, Arkansas' laws doesn't specifically include sexual orientation or trans-gender components but offers a broad approach to "hate crimes." This issue has more signifcance in lieu of a murder of a local transperson and assualt of another indiduviual at the Little Rock Airport. For your information, I've included some of the actual laws concerning hate crimes in this state. For more information check out (graphic: Advocate)

Ark. Stat. Ann. § 5-71-215Covers damage of "any place of worship, cemetary, or burial monument." >> More information

Ark. Stat. Ann. § 5-71-207Disorderly conduct includes damage of "patriotic or religious symbol" in a public place. >> More information

Ark. Stat. Ann. § 16-123-106Provides action for damages or injunctive relief for victims of intimidation, harassment, violence, or property damage "where such acts are motivated by racial, religious, or ethnic animosity." >> More information

Ark. Stat. Ann. § 16-123-105Provides civil action for damages and injunctive relief for deprivation of constitutional rights. >> More information

DSB Dust Up: I've been accused of not getting both sides of the story in other issues and I'm not going to be roasted for that again. Therefore, I will be speaking with Mr. Jones about his version of the FEDup Queers dust up that occurred last Friday night near the Discovery/ Backstreet complex. I'm sure that I'll get a snoot full, so stay tuned....

PRIDE in the ROCK! June 14- 21,2009

Come out and Show your Pride!

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