Monday, June 01, 2009

Pride 2009: Rainbows & Lamdas Rising

40 year's after Stonewall...

PRIDE 2009: Rockin Onward and Upward

Well, it's June 1, 2009, with another Pride season swiftly taking flight across the country and globally. The rainbow flags are unfurling, festival goers choosing which hot spots to descend upon and Little Rock won't be left out of the yearly effort regardless of the "circumstances" surrounding the Little Rock Capital groups earlier announcement citing the cancellation of the Rivermarket shindig. To somewhat set the stage, I've included a extremely well produced video courtsey of YouTube uploaded by JGL Songs LLC. It's from the upcoming CD, Pride at 40, performed by JG Leavitt, Freddy Freeman and Kevin H. Music. Thanks to one of my readers/contributor (MB) who has dubbed me a "tech diva," and always shares with me many interesting articles plus source material. This toe tapping homage to the journey thus far has many eye catching clips and vitally important messages nicely wrapped for the video set. It recounts many incidents as well as indivuals who have been flashpoints in gay history. I had to watch it at least twice to get the full affect and maybe you will as well. Locally, this communtiy has had a tug of war with mixing "teachable moments" within our "social" celebration of Pride. In the past we've had speakers, art shows, dinners, and fourms that brought out some takers but overwhelmingly, those events have not been the odds on favorite with planners. And again, this year's schedule will feature a host of merry making that ranges from pajama parties to bar crawls, simply because endusers will gravitate to these choices without hesitation. This will be unfortunate for those persons, couples or onlookers who would perhaps preferred a more substantive alternative than yet another trip to "headache heaven." Consequently, those so inclined, need to step to the plate and get 'er done. Programming for the intelligensia crowd can be a draw if it's properly planned and secured. If the planners of those "girls just want to have" activities can do, so can those whom want to celebrate the week with more meaning and those all important "light bulb moments," that are really needed these days. It's been widely reported that Pride festivals around the country are in decline due to demographic shifts, strained revenue streams and committees in disarray similar to the local implosion. Yet, Pride continues to some how revive itself and move on. Believe it or not it's been 40 years since the NYC Stonewall riots which sparked SGL men and women into a groundswell that is continuing to this very moment. Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who havent' decided, as the we enter another pride chapter, I challenge all of you to look deeper into the eyes of the person in mirror as you go your way each day, with echo's of "what have you done today to be proud!"

Local Color: The pride schedules are making their way to the area outlets and gosh dern they're packed with stuff. In stead of me re-posting it, I'll just say you should check the various outlets websites, locales and yes, I'll be musing about much of it from the Big Chair. New to the line up this year is L. West's swanky STAR BAR. I had heard so much about it, including facts and fiction, so I strolled on over to see what's all the fuss about. I'll give you that lowdown at another time, but look for their happy hour during pride and other surprises from this upstart. Meanwhile, there's something new brewing at Off Center, which I suspect should give the former Easy Street venue a boost. If all goes well, maybe just maybe this will be a Pride week celebration gift in the waiting. On the northside, SIDETRACKS continues their speical brand of bar party with it's 2 for 2, and during pride, that pajama party maddness that returns for another turn. I'm beginning to wonder,"what is with folk standing around in the drawers or PJ's?" Obviously, this must be some kind of fad, because it keeps popping up all over the place. Of course,UBU, Backstreet and 601 will all be at play during the week with celebrations and more. Whew, where do I start, what will I miss? Until then, I'll keep doing you and you keep doing me. Come on back, there's more....

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