Monday, June 29, 2009

Omnibus Horizons, Part 2

The world continues to be engaged and enthralled with everything, "Michael." From this Special Commemorative Edition from TIME to his recordings both downloads and CD's being literally ripped from the shelves. Meanwhile, the speculation, musing, fuzzy math, tributes and Patriarch Joe Jackson leave us breathlessly amazed. Even though Jackson's This Is It, tour may not go off as planned, I feel certain that his passing will fill many hours in the next few months and perhaps years. Yet, even as this fallen superstar dominates the news cycles, their have been other notables that have also departed this life. Such as the life force of Farrah Fawcett whom publicly battled cancer, a son caught up in a drug sprial and her long time love connection of Ryan O'Neal. Her career ranged from her commercials, TV show Charlies Angel's, Pin up poster icon, her tour de force work in the Burning Bed and her bold foray of painting in the nude via a Playboy video, "All of Me," which I felt was interesting and quite creative for it's purpose. I watched it several times to get the full affect. Then there was the mini reality series, Chasing Farrah which was another eye opening jaunt with Fawcett allowing cameras to peek into her celeb everyday life and was bookmarked by the recent Farrah's Story which again thrust ed her ultimate crisis back into the public eye. As we bid adue to Ms. Fawcett, I believe that she was not only a American beauty on the exterior but displayed an inner beauty as well.
Quote of the Day:
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T. S. Eliot

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