Thursday, June 18, 2009

In a Pride Sweep

Are you "Prided" out yet? Well, are you? As both myself and companion continued to make the rounds, we realized that something is missing and it may YOU! Perhaps many may be reserving themselves for the weekend events, but turnout seems to have been lackluster to just about non-existent. It's understandable that our busy lives, schedules, economic concerns, the Net and who's knows what else can detract the attention from the planned events. However, as the week chugs we will be checking in and out of what's really going on.

Pride Periscope: Management of ST has always promoted this north shore venue as sort of a "club house" atmosphere, allowing patrons to come as you are and feel a since of community. However, patrons some what missed the boat on Pajama Night when only bar manager Michael showed up in his PJ's. For the record, I wasn't in "costume," basically because I was doing several places in an evening and it wasn't going to work for me. How would I explain to Little Rock's finest if needed too, why I was driving around in such a manner. Anyway, all that dosent matter since those present stated that they were unaware of the event and again the proverbial, " what pride? When is it?, Oh, is it this week...?"

INFO, Please: Even as I determined that somehow PRIDE 09 was simply not making the radar test, there was another blip of info that perhaps apparently didn't get the "hey over here" it needed as well. It was the handy "downloadable" schedule that was available from the Backstreet website highlighted with a nifty Pride button. I thought I had posted about this tool, but nevertheless, this webmaster gadget is the type of access and outreach that is imperative in our information arsenals. Now before I get the e-mail from those citing my insensitivity to those caught up in the "digital divide," this method is still handy for those who have computers that can at least pass on "correct" information. Thusly, avoiding much of the "misinformation" that gets bandied about like wildfire. I'm giving this idea a "Pride High Five" in keeping the information channel open to all those who need or want to know!

FUQ Talk-Talk: Fed Up Queers, a local activist group will be hosting their first meeting, June the 30th @ 6:00 at the Main Library Downtown. It will be on the second floor, in the Fribourgh Room. For a different twist and a smart one at that, they are offering possible transportation to the site. In an earlier posting, I reported on the direct citizen's action campaign entitled, "No to Norman," involving printed fliers, Mr. Jones and confused onlookers. If you are interested in more info you can get it directly from their site at .

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