Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pride in the City

It's mid-week as pride in the city unfolds and I have to report that so far it's been as eventful as slow boat to China. Not to mention that as I've circulated I hoped to discover at least a few who knew why we celebrate "Pride" and this year's important significance. So far, and it pains me to cite this but, not one person that I randomly engaged had a clue. Yes my people, so far not one. The answers were as varied and some times just plain old out their in the lunatic fringe sphere. While many said flatly that they "didn't know," others felt that it was "time to party," or something that the "bars" did every year. Even though their was no methodology to these inquires, I was just dismayed that most reveled in their lack of knowledge and felt no sense of need to understand. Amazing. Meanwhile the "week" rolls on and as schedule allow so will I, looking, listening and learning from the GLBTQ community and beyond...

Pride Week Recap:

* Congrats to Breanna Braxton and Mr. DeMarco as the Pride Week Royalty team. The two were crowned during the Mr.& Miss Gay Pride, last Sunday night at UBU. Both individuals have been out and about during the week. Exactly what their platform or agenda is all about is most likely in a TBA( to be announced) mode.

* I made the rounds on Tuesday to promote Sunday's Pride Picnic and checking out the scene. First up, STAR Bar. Both myself and companion like this haunt, but we were sorta perpelexed by the low-no attendance for the their TexMex night. I guess one was suppose to order some items but we were not offered any info on what it was all about. Despite, at least one order of "taco somethings" that went to an another table. I'm glad that I ate a snack before coming. Even more interesting was the fact that we were told that "we did Pride last evening (monday night's pub crawl) and we don't know what else is happening." Excuse me, but the schedule has the bar "participating" in Pride week all week with Jill S. Band, Mask Madness, flashback party? We went in search of other activities such as the Guitar Hero party at Off Center which was a kitschy nod to the New York Street performer that obviously made no connection locally. It was a bust. A few regulars sitting around the bar fully dressed with no real interest in the scheduled event. Again, what's up with the idea of doing stuff in your underwear, especially since most folks keep telling me that they are not wearing any? During the evening we stopped in to Sidetracks and 601 where customers were mixing with no sense that Pride week was even happening. And so it goes....

In an earlier post I mentioned that the Pride week was filled with bar crawls and such, but lack any depth, basically because it's not a priority and it's very obvious as I stated above, but certainly needed. So, here's a teachable moment, a light bulb moment or at least an attempt to educate, empower and enlighten from CorneliusOnpoint.

The first gay pride parade in 1969, known as the March on Stonewall, started as a protest against discrimination and violence against gays in New York City. Today, pride events have become an annual ritual and have grown to include thousands of gay and gay-friendly participants, not to mention hundreds of spectators. Many gays and lesbians dress in bright colors, head-to-toe leather or sometimes next to nothing. But regardless of the attire, all of the participants join the festivities to remind the world that gays deserve the same rights as others and people should be free to live their own lifestyle, void of judgement or hate. Gay pride is also a symbol of solidarity and an opportunity to express the vivid personalities which reflect the diverse gay communities throughout the world. During this time (and in many places year round), the skies are covered with the gay pride flags and banners, the symbol of gay solidarity and freedom.

The gay pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker and debuted at the 1978 San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade. Read more about the origin of the gay pride flag! Also, Did you know that each color on the gay pride flag has a different meaning? See what each color represents here!

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Anonymous said...

While gays and lesbians all over the nation were enjoying themselves at bars, partying and completely destroying and capitalizing what "pride" is supposed to be, at 2:11 AM on the 17th, a Trans mentor for many websites died after being jumped, beaten with a sledgehammer, gang raped and buried alive. She managed to crawl (her knees were smashed in) to help, but died in ICU.

We are FED UP with 'pride' and it makes us sick.