Friday, June 19, 2009


It's three days til PRIDE 2009 bows out until the next go round. So, where are we as of today, well, there's more merry making to come with birthday bashes, show girls from Dallas, Reunion Fish Fry, turn-a-about's and of course concluding with Sunday's Pride Picnic in Allsop Park at 12:30 p.m. As for myself and companion, it's been a long and winding week in which we tried to make the rounds to those events as our schedules allowed. I hope that everyone who has stopped into their favorite activity, event or spot has at least got a spark of pride that such venues are not only here for your entertainment pleasure, but free from needless raids or intimidating law enforcement such as those experienced by patrons of the Stonewall Inn in 1969. It's been 40 years since that turning point and the upstart of the "gay liberation" movement which is still striving for the human rights that this blessed land so treasures. No matter your politics, position or disposition, all of us can ask ourselves, "what have you done today to be proud?"

Pride in BLK: As we forge on to concluding Pride 2009, comes the formal announcement of the Little Rock Black Pride Weekend, July 24-26, 2009. Of course with this post their will be some pontificating as well as "mixed signals" that such an event sends, as I've been staunctly promoting unity and common grounds. That position is still intact yet, unfortunately the broadness of the concept has not been totally met, even though their have been good intentions and notable attempts to do so. This onion has many layers rooted in past racial attitudes and insensitivity's that still today result in divisiveness and inequitable perceptions. The entire mindset for Black pride can somewhat be further understood as sourced from About. Com which states, "LGBT people are thought of and referenced as one homogeneous community and not as comprised of the diverse cultures within it. Gay and lesbian people come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnic groups. One could say some of us represent a culture within a culture. These differences can pose unique challenges when addressing individual needs. And often times many LGBT people feel that they better relate to the same-gender-loving individuals that mirror their own experiences." It is for these reasons, not a "hate factor" or a "reverse discrimination," move from which these prides have flourished stateside but globally, including here in Little Rock, which has been supported by the International Federation of Black Prides. As I understand, these activities are "open and accessible" to everyone who would like to attend. I've attended event in the past which were problematic, attempted to work with this group as well to avail, but I plan to attend again when possible.
Activities include: Friday: Meet and greet at La Quinta 901 Fair Park. Gay Greek Swag Nite at Markham 801. Saturday: Free Pride Luncheon at Theressa Hoover United Methodist Church 4000 w. 13th St. LR. Label Swag Check After party Markham 801. Sunday: Family Fun Day Picnic at Reservoir Park at Cantrell and Reservoir Rd. then the final event After party Farewell Bash at the Multi-Cultural Center Corner of 11th St and Cross St. LR
Host Hotel La Quinta Inn 901 Fair Park Blvd. LR
For more information: or 501-398-0307

3rd Annual Pride Parade of NW Arkansas: NWA PRIDE announces the 3d Annual NWA PRIDE PARADE: A Celebration of Diversity and Community. It will be held on Saturday, June 27, 2009 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Parade organizers invite everyone to come together in solidarity and support of equal rights for all. The parade lineup will start at 8 AM on North East Street, between Meadow and Dickson Streets. Parade will start promptly at 10 AM. A brief Pride rally will be held at the end of the parade in the Walton Arts Center Parking Lot.
For more details, float and/or speaker applications, please go to NWA Pride's web site at

Quote of the Week: " I"ve been on the "D- List" so long that I don't know anything else!" as delivered by N. Jones

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