Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Thursday 24/7 Catch Up 2.0

Pink Dusting: As promised, I got a chance to speak directly to Norman J. in reference to last weeks FEDUp Queers dust up at the DSB complex in conjunction with the new groups "Just say No to Norman," campaign. Here's a sling shot recap, the group decided to distribute fliers(pictured) at the entrance to the complex in which Jones with security in tow approached/confronted the participants about the effort. There was an foggy exchange between the parties, subsequently they departed. Flash forward to Jones, which stated to me that on that evening (Friday 6/5.09) Discovery- The Experience, actually was being leased by an outside entity for the Amsterdam Party. The organizers had contracted with him for the event, advertised independently and was the sole producer. The club was not in it's regular operation since it's closed on Friday evenings normally. Jones said, "I've had protesters at the pageants (MGA) across the country, but never had actual protester at the club since it's been open." He cited that he respects those who want to protest but he felt that this was a misguided effort. The group's website has outlined their position for the campaign including questions about Helping People With AIDS, the direct funding source for AIDS clients. Norman further said that he tried to post his viewpoint, but the site has been "comment blocked". Furthermore, according to Jones he is available for outreach to the group and willing to listen to their grievances. "We've helped individuals pay their rents and gave out thousands of dollars from HWPA." He remarked in reference to the FED Up site. He concluded that," I'm a small business man trying to make living with my businesses. HWPA is usually available on Tuesdays and their have been occasions that there was no one to answer the phones. After all I get pretty busy some days." End part 1. Need more?, yes there's more coming this Friday. You will not want to miss it. Trust me.

I found this timely and interesting article from The Advocate in regards to The Home Depot furnishing giant in regards to lavender shopping trends. Unfortunately, I wasn't apart of the survey, but both myself and my LTC have had some retail therapy at this behemoth which has provided us an outlet for everything from Plant manure to the literally the kitchen sink. In case you didn't know Home Depot has had a colorful existence in regards to it's recognition of domestic partners. Especially that ill fated move to allow employee "pets," yes- I'm not kidding, "Fido" to get insurance before employees who were in SGL partnerships. They've since reverse themselves and are rated rather highly as a comfy workplace for gays and lesbians.

Homo Depot? by Neal Broverman
From the Advocate

It's no coincidence that many gays and lesbians are often spotted at Home Depot -- a new study finds that gay homeowners are continuing to spend oodles of money on home-improvement projects.
The study -- conducted in March by Chicago-based research agency Socratic Technologies and LGBT marketing agency Target 10 -- found that gay shoppers spend almost twice as much on home-improvement items at stores like Home Depot and Lowe's compared to straight peers, with 63% of gay couples saying they plan on starting new home-improvement projects in the next 12 months.
Gay couples who participated in the survey also said they intend, on average, to spend $2,077 on home improvements within the next year, while straight couples intend to spend only $1,384. The study also found that gay couples are not scrimping during the recession and intend to purchase products from high-end brands like Viking, Sub-Zero, Jenn-Air, and Miele. Thirty-four percent of gay homeowners reported that they plan to replace a kitchen appliance in the coming year.
"Gay men and lesbians have a reputation of being major home-improvement shoppers and this survey reaffirms that," said Matt Tumminello, president of Target 10. "Renovating and refurbishing homes is in many ways a part of gay culture. Even in bad economic times, they are not stopping." Over the last three years, 72% of gay homeowners had made home improvements.
Gay and straight couples apparently have very different shopping styles, at least according to the study. "We found that gay consumers are shopping in more places than straight consumers to find the items that they want. This includes both at retail stores and online," said Jeff Kerr, vice president of Socratic Technologies. Gay consumers reported higher rates of shopping and purchasing at Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, Best Buy, and even the warehouse shopping club Costco. "They are savvy shoppers who are determined to find exactly what they want and at the best price."

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fedupqueers said...

So, because you want to be 'fair and balanced', there are a few things that need to be addressed from your blog posts, about the going ons of Fed Up Queers.

A) You claim that "this effort is all about "Queer liberation vs. Queer Consumerism.", however as we have made clear many times, that is not what it is "all about". What it comes down to is Norman Jones having a very powerful monopoly and using that monopoly to clearly exploit Queer and Trans folks across the state.

B) Our campaign has never been called the "just say no to norman" campaign." It is simply No to Norman. We do not look up to Nancy Reagan or the "just say no" campaign in any form.

C) We did not "comment block" Norman Jones. His comment can be found here

No, it did not immediately appear. Just like almost every blog that exists (including COP), we have to approve all comments first to make sure we don't get spam comments. We also put all the terribly obnoxious ones on a special 'hate mail' page which will be available soon. Be on the look out for plenty of messages from Norman and his crew at HWPA.

D) "If the 18+ have a problem with paying 15 bucks, then don't do so." Once again, our crystal clear message was missed. You can't simply just not go. Norman offers the only spaces where Queer and Trans young folks feel safe. Now, we know that the only people who are actually safe at Normans bars are white men with access with money, but he makes people feel that it is actually safe.

If they don't go there, they don't have anywhere to go, which is, once again, why Norman knows he can get away with charging an insane amount of money to get in. Now, we know that the only people who are actually safe at Normans bars are white men with access with money, but he makes people feel that it is actually safe.

Stay Safe. Stay Fabulous