Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Treking toward 2012

It's only days away, as we prepare to turn the old calender one more time in search of a new year. While 2011 chugs it way into the history books, COP 24/7 has also stumped its way back into the fray with coverage of much that impacted Arkansas' LGBTQ communities and beyond. Its been a wild and wacky year that has filled our post with an array of senses from hopeful to damn near raging. As we have checked out analytical which give me a portrait of "all things COP 24/7" I've come to understand that even though we are reaching far away lands such as Arab Emirates, I'm more concerned about if this forum is reverberating to all corners of this state. I'm glad to know that we've had folks drop in from Star City, Pine Bluff, Cabot and Mena. But the goal for 2012 will consist of concentrating on defining our reach within the state as we take the mantle of being the "information hub" that is the "go to" platform to be in the know. However, in order for this to take place I encourage current readers, allies and supporters to share our post with all your networks. It is not secret that we are in a paradigm shift that is being fueled by the power of the Net. As the Executive Producer of COP 24/7, I  fully understand this movement and I'm preparing to continue to scale up my effort to being on the cutting edge of whatever is the next big thing in technology. Come join me, follow us or subscribe to our opt-in e-mail box, so that you will always be in the loop of "what's really going on." I appreciate every one's support and look forward to serving you into 2012!

THE NOTES: Sharing the Power of Information

Have your seen the latest "Notes?" No? Don't recall or are you simply unaware of them? Well perhaps you haven't had the chance to be on the extensive e-mail list to which The Notes serve. But never mind if you are reader here, you've seen some post that have been slingshot from this monthly source. Compiled, sorted and flung to the masses, local advocate Bob Coffey has been producing "The Notes," for the past few years offering a bounty of announcements, updates, sources, links and some times the kitchen sink. This forum looks forward to this "message in a bottle" whenever it arrives in my e-box. Once opened, I know that it will contain many nuggets of interesting factoids or items that often lead to further exploration. Coffey who proudly states that "everyday of his life is the best day of his life," unabashedly offers items from many levels and angles. Whether it be CDC info to possible funding sources for area agencies. Fortunately, COP 24/7 not only is apart of the "notes" network but often makes the cut to be included with extracts from various post. This type of circulation is vital to growing our brand and navigating more eyeballs and mindsets to this page. Being apart of this effort is most appreciated as well as important to the overall communication flow that is most needed within the LGBTQ community. However, despite The Notes, this forum and everything that is being created to inform folks, I have found that for reasons unknown somehow we continue to experience individuals who don't get the hook-up to the messages. This forum certainly has done it best to ramp up our visibility through our links to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter while circulating critical  post to new sources nationwide. The Notes also has a viable and valuable data base of contacts that are far and wide. It is my hope that each of this communication tools will continue to thrive as we keep pumping out news for your consideration. Remember we are only the messengers but its up to each of you to receive the message and then make your choice of what to do with it. Thanks Bob for keep putting it our their and sharing your corner of the world with the world. 

The NET 2010
We Know you are out their!

I always mention that my in-box here at COP 24/7 runneth over with stuff from A to Z. Even though there are spam filters, firewalls and other detectors in place, it doesn't seem to matter. Everything and almost everybody is sending me the latest e-mail solicitation or demonstration. Case in point I was recently dumbfounded that my Facebook account had be placed "on hold" due to some suspicious tinkering. I thought "What?" Have I become that important that someone wanted to "hack" my Facebook account for nefarious reasons. Or better yet was this effort apart of the "cyber attack" being planned by those Cyber- Wiki like bastards that planned to ruled the world. No not quite. But what was happening after I checked into this whole mash-up was the fact that, believe it or not," some jokester in the Russian outback was attempting to access my page to post God knows what. The good folks at FB contacted me to pose the question if I had move Camp COP 24/7 to that motherland.
To which I thought, Really? Even though I'd like to visit Russia, I'm not so sure about taking up a domicile their. Now don't get me wrong, President Dimitry Medvedev strikes a rather handsome pose but I would prefer kicking up dust here in Obamaland. With all this said, I contacted the good folks at FB to work on re-establishing control of my account and move on minus the rusky. In a even more interesting twist, COP 24/7 has been deluged with spam all in, wait for it, Russian! I just hope that none of that craziness lands me on the no-fly list. Of course as we've come to know, our "cookies" our cookies are everywhere across the Net. If you've visted whatever site, they know you've been their.Just as COP 24/7 knows who's dropping by ( usually Tuesdays in the late afternoon is one trend) so do all those other sites. And they certainly track me at every turn even when I'm not thinking about it. One way I know that "they" are following me is the fact that their adverstisements magically appear in my sidebar after I've done a search. I'm somewhat brand loyal and according to Ad experts they state that most LGBTQ folks are brand loyal. Who knew? So when I search a hotel, I get that hotels Ads appearing at every turn. Hello, La Quinta. Meanwhile, earlier this year I stayed at the beautiful Sofitel Lafeytte Park hotel in Washington D.C. which offered me their loyalty card. Viola! The Sofitel ads have been popping up at my every move just in case I may want to stay at one their wonderful properties. Not to mention those great terry cloth robes that you just don't wan't to take off, but you can take home for a price. And it doesn't stop there because it seems that even if I read about a product or item it seems that their marketers seems to make their way to my screen. I guess they just want to remind me that I did read about their product and not to forget that I could have it at anytime. What can I say, we live in the mad, mad mad world of consumerism and free markets that drive our economy. Even though we are encourage to save a dime, it seems that we spend Ten dollars in the mean time. Actually I'm a pretty good money manager and during this holiday season my spending was at a minimal. I didn't loose my mind over a Michael Jordan shoe or stuff that I just really didn't need. Afterall, I'm trying to get ready for that major tag sale come spring and put  a few more dollars in 401k.  I don't know about you, but don't forget that "less" is actually more because you can learn to live so much more with less. Think about it....

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