Friday, December 16, 2011

COP 24/7 Smokin the Landscape

This week had been "smokin" to say the least with all manner of meetings, teleconferences, phone calls and all day sessions. In case you didn't know and as we have stated before, most likely you don't, there's plenty of stuff to engage any and all of you who don't have nothing to do or believe that you need to give of yourself  to be apart to the change that you want to see. COP 24/7 with Kleenex and cough in tow kept moving and grooving not only from the "Big Chair" but here, there and everywhere we could muster. As the week ends, there's still items left on the table for this outing. Let's smoke em out!!

The Scavenger Hunt Mash UP

O.K. This forum earlier this week thought it was cute to launch a scavenger hunt for those HIV/AIDS billboards created from a advertising campaign courtesy of some local entities. Alright. Then we discovered that perhaps at least one of the billboards had been removed prior to the December 18 cut off date cited by organizers. So far  from our initial announcement, we've got nothing. That's right, "zip O,  ZERO,  nutin,! Really? So what's the take away from this? Well not much except that we suspect that if we got "crickets" then how will this effort be assessed for its effectiveness. Let's just say that as we reflect upon the crafting of this outreach piece, perhaps there should have been a "video" or interactive module developed that could have garnered some "real" tangible and data driven results. You know, similar to that "evidence based" stuff that keeps get thrown around as the "gold standard" for almost everything and anything that's considered. Anyway, if any of you are still interested in our hunt, go for it. Actually, this idea was a novel one and could have been a great tie-in to this campaign or any future mash up's that coming rolling out from Mount Olympus or any where else.

LGBTQ Local selected for America's Got Talent Audition

Amber Edge, local songstress and composer has been selected for an audition for the show, America's Got Talent, in January 2012. Edge has posted items to YouTube and was apart of the NABWMT Midland weekend last October in Little Rock. At this posting Edge is recuperating from recent surgery as she prepares strategies on how to acquire the necessary funding to make the trip to the audition site of Austin Texas. If you have ideas, suggestions or would like to kick a possible fundraising concept around, then check out her Facebook page or share it with COP 24/7.  It's vital that we support our local LGBTQ artist in their quest to make their dreams come true.Contact her directly at:  Also check out her videos on You Tube.

Holiday Giving and More!!!

Even though we know that the spirit of Santa as you know him abounds throughout the holiday season. Ultimately COP 24/7 would like to remind you not to forget the real reason for the season which should be about unselfish giving and random acts of kindness that create blessings for others. Locally HWPA will continue its yearly effort Saturday ( 12.17.11) featuring a cast of thousands from the area talent pool. Doors open at 9 p.m. Showtime at 10:30 pm  On Friday (12/16.11) Showstoppers, Dominique Sanchez and Whitney Paige will be in the house with a holiday show. If you are 21 and up and arrive before 11 pm you'll be admitted for free. At some point in the evening there is to a cash drop and they've announced some "recession" price roll back on drinks. Just for the record, you never know when you will be a winner! COP 24/7 staff members got nifty "bar tabs"for their contributions to the Tree Decorating event at Miss Kitty's. Come on folks, get out and get engaged with these area establishments. Everyone can be a winner if we just try!!!  Stay tune to COP 24/7 for more updates and links.

Miss Gay Arkansas United States at Large 2011

Congrats to Mendigan Iman Starr, who captured the title of Miss Gay Arkansas United States at Large 2011 last Saturday evening at Triniti Nightclub. I have known Mendigan since the beginning and have watched this entertainer blossom and literally evolve before my very eyes. It's always interesting to see individuals discover their destiny as well as watch their journey to full fill that reality. Sasha Harrison was first Alternate with Gigi Galore as second Alternate. The evening was filled with local celebrity entertainers including Miss Gay United States Tyler Monroe, Miss Gay Arkansas, Zia D'Yor and Mr. Gay United States, Braxton. COP 24/7 wanted to share their very well executed video from our online partner YouTube. Again, congrats to all who entered because this forum believes that "everybody is star with a winner in you!!"

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