Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taking it to the Streets: Information is Power!

This week has been moving and shaking off the chain! It's one of those weeks that matters come flying through at a break neck pace and then some. Just trying to get all of it even half ready for this forum keeps me in the "Big Chair," busting it out ASAP. I know some of you think that putting this down takes only a minute or two and you are oh so "wrong-o!!" COP 24/7 is not all about a "cut and paste" endeavor and if you check out archives of over 100,000 words and counting, it speaks for it self. So while we through down our small "joker" this outing, we're holding our "big" joker for later. Until then, feast on our latest...

Scavenger Hunting

Hold On, Wait a minute!  Even as we launched our Scavenger Hunt for those HIV/AIDS Billboards, it seems that even though they were to in place through December 18th, it seems that at least one and perhaps more have disappeared already. COP 24/7 thought that we should go out and about to make sure that our readers would be able to discover these billboards. Therefore as we surveyed the city we found that it seemed that there had been some moving of the coconuts. With that known, it was imperative that we at least make that known to any participants who decided that they would take on the challenge. At this point, no one has come forth and all of this may be about nothing. However on the flip side, COP 24/7 got to thinking, why didn't producers of this campaign create some type of tie-in connection that would have at least alerted the public to this campaign and the messages that were to be delivered. Where was their press conference? Were there any articles in the local newspaper? How about that glossy "501" magazine with all those hip and happening things taking place in Pulaski County? Or Perhaps the worldly AY publication that covers many demographics that could have gotten a "poke" to remind them that HIV and AIDS is still with us. Wow how did COP 24/7 think of such tactics that could have complimented the campaign while giving much greater awareness to the effort. Ultimately, how does one assess a measurable outcome of this expenditure and how will those findings be presented to the public? So many questions. So many undeveloped tie-in's or approaches that could have take this effort to greater heights throughout this city's diverse communities. Oh well, as we've come to hear on numerous occasions, "as we learn better, we do better." COP 24/7 keeps wondering in lieu of the fact that we are dealing with people's lives how much more learning will it take before we actually do better.  Happy Hunting....

INFO PLEASE: What's the 411!!

This forum goes to the mat while trying to circulate important information and updates for those seeking medical services related to HIV and AIDS or otherwise. COP 24/7 is proud to announce our involvement in the development of two such information pieces that will offer a snapshot of providers and service organizations to consumers. At the behest of the emerging The Living Affected Corporation's publishing division, Holistic Health Arkansas, a resource guide has been completed featuring a "one stop" concept of organizations, meetings, AIDS services groups and hot line contact numbers. The cover highlights, Ms. Ann D. as Top Advocate for 2011 who's entire story will be apart of the upcoming "Our Lives, Our Stories" project slated for January 2012 release. Dixon has been a tireless advocate and activist in the arena of HIV/AIDS issues. She has served on numerous committees, particpated in conferences and represented Arkansas across the nation. The booklet will go into statewide distribution by December 15 and will be available to ASO's, CBO's and general public.

Administration P.O. Box 479 McCrory, AR 72101
870-731-3068 (ph) 870-731-3070 (fax
District 1
Fayetteville2894 McKee Circle Office 101
Fayetteville, AR 72703
479-571-2100 Phone
479-571-2102 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 211

Fort Smith
233 North Greenwood Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901
479-782-2500 Phone
479-782-8557 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 212

Bentonville Satellite
900 B South Walton Blvd Suite 21
Bentonville, AR 72712
479-715-4745 Phone
479-254-6868 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 213

District 2

1175 Vine Street
Batesville, AR 72501
870-793-4607 Phone
870-793-4608 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 221

606 Wilbur D. Mills North
Kensett, AR 72802
501-742-1216 Phone
501-742-3031 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 222

Mountain Home Satellite 610 Broadmoor Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653
870-793-4607 Phone
870-793-4608 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 223

District 3
Jonesboro 1817 Woodsprings Road Suite D
Jonesboro, AR 72401
870-932-0021 Phone
870-932-2601 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 232

West Memphis
206 North Rhodes
West Memphis, AR 72301
870-400-0263 Phone
870-400-0293 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 233

Forrest City Satellite
805 Mann
Forrest City, AR 72335
870-400-0263 Phone
870-400-0293 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 231
District 4
Hot Springs 320 Ouachita Ave Suite 312
Hot Springs, AR 71901
501-627-1933 Phone
501-627-1922 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 242

300 East 6th Street
Texarkana, AR 71854
870-216-1223 Phone
870-216-1236 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 243

El Dorado Satellite
460 West Oak
El Dorado, AR 71730
870-216-1223 Phone
870-216-1236 Fax

888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 241

District 5
Little Rock 11219 Financial Centre Parkway Suite 200
Little Rock, AR 72211
501-455-2712 Phone
501-455-2781 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 252

Conway Satellite
1600 Dave Ward Drive Suite C
Conway, AR 72034
501-499-6308 Phone
501-764-1010 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 251

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