Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Panorama Horizons

Clinton Speaks Volumes on Global LGBTQ Issues

Earlier this week COP 24/7 addressed ongoing sniping within the LGBTQ "elite" concerning the commitment of the Obama administration in assessing LGBTQ issues and setting forth policies that would impact them. In recognition of International Human Rights, December 10, Secretary of State Clinton stood before the UN Delegates with a pointed message that the United States would like to emphasize the global plight of LGBTQ individuals and the position that the United States is poised to take the stance that "gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights." This profound statement so resonated with myself because I uttered these same words some three decades before Clinton. As the founder of the Arkansas Human Rights Association, I felt then that my "being" should stand squarely in the arena of "human rights," not just gay rights. As I've moved about many of you, I know that some are raising families, having babies, dealing with bullying and coming out issues, not to mention all of the world around you on a daily basis. At that time I didn't think I was being visionary, but came to the conclusion that all human beings should have access to basic rights. Mrs. Clinton's speech was bold, direct and above all cited that no individual government or policy makers should stand idle when their countrymen are being denied their humanity and in some cases being jailed, slaughtered or exiled. She noted that the U.S. has had it faults and is working tirelessly on improving matters stateside, but world community should also take heed that among their people, gays exist and must not live in fear. As she concluded her speech, I had a heartfelt moment as she beckoned to those in far away lands that "we are with you and your cries will not go unheard." In case you didn't get to see this moving and historic speech we have tapped into the U.S. State Department Website for an embed to this forum. The speech is approximately thirty minutes in length but worth every second. Bravo Clinton and many thanks to the Obama Administration for keeping it real when others will not.


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