Monday, December 26, 2011

Mad Dash Monday

It's the last week of the year and COP 24/7 is going to go out like gangbusters! All this week we will recap "what's really been going on" during 2011 while reflecting on our seven years and over, "100,000" plus words that have made the cut on this platform. Talk about a year! And think that COP 24/7 has it eyes set on re-vamping, upgrading and creating our own revolution as Arkansas only daily updating blogsite addressing the GLBTQ community and beyond. It's all going to be here, front and center, and bold as hell in 2012!" Stay with us and share this platform with your social networks, friends, allies and commrades. Keep it locked and loaded to COP 24/7!!!!

Nightclubbing Tragedy

On Saturday morning, 12.24. 11 at local night spot, Discovery nightclub, Richard Ratley, 35 of Dallas Texas was killed in an apparent robbery attempt of his brother, Tyler Ratley, 26 of Little Rock. According to police reports, Tyler and Richard along with his girlfriend were leaving the club when Tyler was attacked by two men on the way to his car. Richard Ratley went to help his brother fight off the two assailants, as the the two departed the scene, they fired a single shot at Richard Ratley who was sturck in the abdomen and died on the scene. Tyler Ratley incurred a large laceration on the lefr side of his face. The robbers two his wallet and cell phone, police said. Witnesses told police that the two attackers were black and that one was wearing a green satin jacket and the other was wearing a black hoodie. Allegedly the two men, along with a thrid who was driving the getaway care, are believed to be in a stolen red Chrysler PT Cruiser with handicapped license plate with the number 217350. Usually the nightspot complex has a large contention of security both inside and on the grounds of the area, however unsubstantiated sources have stated that some of the club security had been faced with recent layoffs. This incidence is just one of a several violent occurrences that have taken place at clubs in the Little Rock area. At this posting club management hasn't officially commented on the incident or the state of future security measures. COP 24/7 sends it condolences to the Ratley Family and encourages anyone who sees the car or has other information about this crime to call detectives at 510.371.4660. Be safe and Be careful during this holiday season.

People of Unity supports Edge

Newly formed local group People of Unity is preparing to support area songstress, Amber Edge in her bid to audition for America's Got Talent show, January 2012 in Austin Texas. The group is planning to enlist the support of the TraX management in producing a live entertainment fundraising event tenatively scheduled for the Miss Kitty's venue. At post time the date was unconfirmed but will be announced this week. Miss Edge, has been apart of the local LGBTQ music scene with a recent solo performance durind the National Association of Black and White Men Together,Inc 's Midland Weekend in October. She has music video clips posted to YouTube and is sourcing material for an upcoming CD. As more information develops, COP 24/7 will break it out on all platforms. People of Unity has a facebook page with additional contact information and is now seeking interested individuals for member as well as planning activities for 2012. The group wishes to foster supportive environments for those embracing multi-cultural and multi-racial diversity.

LA Corp Resource Guide hits Streets

The recently published Holistic Health Arkansas resouce guide published by the Living Affected Corporation has begun its citywide and statewide distribution. The 2011 guide was developed as a snapshot of local service providers, area group meeting times and dates and also features other area agencies, allies and contact information. Although their have been a few other previous efforts plus some online links there has been no such physical guide compiled nor distributed within the last decade complete with the latest information. The Arkansas AIDS Foundation under a past administrator offered a guide to in-house clients with resource info but has since discontinued. LA Corp oganizers stated that they were determined to produce the item as the organization deemed it a necessary free resource to those seeking such information. The group has surmised that the information flow in this city continues to be problematic and LA Corp is moving to make informing targeted populations a priority through it publishing intiatives which supports its organizational branding focus. Area business, In's and Out's owner Larry remarked that" he was glad to see the guide and wanted to be on board using his business as a distribution point." The guide also has been placed in the 65th Street Adult Book Store where management welcomed the placement and TraX's nightclub which encouraged developing a more prominent display. Holistic Health Arkansas will be made available to those listed in the booklet and If your agency, organization or entity would like to copies contact LA Corp at 1.877.902.7HIV or by email at

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