Friday, December 09, 2011

The Friday Random Thoughts Edition

Another Friday has rolled around and despite a nagging chest cold, depressing weather and the daily doldrums of everyday life, COP 24/7 has pumped out another week of news that covered the gamut. This week this platform was all over the place and covering lots of bases with posted items which touched lives or pushed emotional buttons on all levels. All of this is by design, as COP 24/7 seeks to discover stories and articles that not only stimulates conversation but opens doors to critical thinking about issues that impact your lives. As we've stated previously, we encourage your engagement whether it be counter to our position or favorable to our viewpoint. COP 24/7 is Arkansas' "global public square" to discuss, debate and deconstruct polices, people or power brokers that hold the reigns of influence.Come follow us, subscribe, opt-in e-mail or bookmark COP 24/7 to ensure you are always in the loop of "what's really going on..."

Bishop Eddie and The Cain Train

Well, Well Well! Its been a hell of week for the clergy! First up, Mr "9-9-9" Herman Cain officially "suspended" his campaign last Saturday while telling supporters that he "ain't going away!" He states that he will unleash a web presence with more of his "backtalk" on global policies and domestic issues to boot. Still flushed with a cash booty to hold onto to develop a Super PAC, pay off debts, wield some contributions to folks to his liking or viola, come back out to run for whatever office he may want to. Mr. Cain's romp which often took some bombastic twist and turns grabbed not only headlines but apparently the hearts and minds of citizens who felt that his message was one that resonated with them. However, as the Cain train choo-chooed across the land it couldn't survive those damsels who keep popping up our of now where talking about Mr. Cain's need for "the big nasty." He thought he could just chug along while denying all the White Women's statement who sent his candidacy into the depot. In the meantime his fellow clergymen, Bishop Eddie "I've got five rocks and I've not thrown none of them yet," Long has decided to take a sabbatical, leave of absence or a "let's lay low til we can see what we gonna do," from his ATL mega church New Birth. The embattled Long now dealing with his wife Vanessa's  on again, off again and on again divorce move, told his flock that he needed to take some time off to deal with his family drama. Depending on which side of the aisle you sit, members are conflicted on the entire matter. Church attendance and collections are down plus some members have all but moved on calling for the good Bishop to "repent." His alleged victims received at $15 Million dollar settlement all the while Long has vowed that none of these allegations have any merit. What's probably most disturbing is the fact that at a time when African American youth especially males need role models, these two high profile individuals have fostered mixed signals of trust, integrity and values. In others words from the mouths of babes put it," how you gone tell me what's wrong when you all about being wrong too!"

The This and That Tea Cup

With the holiday season upon us, everyone is finding different ways to consolidate or celebrate in more unique ways. For myself, I'm on a tear to streamline the payout as I find more means with putting more in the revenue trough. Just like all the thousands of Netflix folks who flew the coop when the firm decided to give them self a "revenue" increase, I took decided that I could live without movies by mail. After all I do have VOD service that could just as easily do the job but what took me to the tipping point was when I approached NetFlix's about a sponsorship, I was forwarded a resounding we are not interested and don't care if you are a long term subscriber. So when the time came to return the favor, I did what I tell all consumers...let your dollars do some talking. We are all tiring of the "nickel and dime" approach of companies. Hey Verizon, what's up with that if you come in to pay your bill there's a fee? Of course I take the electronic payment route as much as possible in order to side step most fees. By golly its everywhere! I've had my say about those dastardly baggage fees that I've come to accept. On one such trip, my bags rang up a tab a whopping $160 that made me almost choke. Adding to a bit of salt to the wound was the statement from the ticket agent "are you going or not Mr M. because that's the fee..."And so it goes. I have no hope that there will be any reprieve from the fee game and wholly expect that there's more right around the bend. Maybe they will bring back coin operated bathrooms or create just one more way to get at your hard earned money.

Marshall Titus Connects in HIV Video

In our efforts to continue to keep the plight of HIV & AIDS which disportionately impacts within the Black community, COP 2/7 leaves no stones unturned, no doors closed or horizons unsearched to discover ground breaking messages, empowerment pieces and material to reach out those living affected or infected. Marshall Titus' song "I Will" is a moving and soaring ballad that addressess the issues and aftermath of testing positive for HIV. Marshall who actually wrote the song in reference to his mothers death some five years ago, had a chance to offer the music to the song as an accompaniment to a public service announcement. However the effort developed into a full video project directed by John Gress which has gone viral on YouTube. Titus is a Chicago based entertainer who was a Star Search finalist and has worked in theatre, commercials and movies such as Barber Shop. COP 24/7 is proud to bring this work to our readers and hope that you will share it with those you love. More of Mr.Titus work can be found on ITunes and he has tour plans that are under development. Check out his website:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Marshall Titus.


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