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Digital Thursday

Holy Weather change! I don't know about you but in the last few days the weather a-go-go has taken its toll on a brother. Through the monsoon all the way to a our first snow dusting of 2011, this presto change-o weather had my senses in a downward spiral. But never fear there's not a OTC that I don't either have on hand or is near as the local small box retailer. Sniffles, coughs and hacks aside, COP 24/7 took a licking but kept on ticking out our special brand of "what's really going on." With Kleenex box in tow plus some great hot chicken broth, its onward and upward....

Archie Comics 2011: Art Imitates Life

Just when I thought I had seen almost everything, then comes none other than the All American comic series "Life with Archie," busting out with its keeping it real view of the world with not only gay character Kevin Keller, but his marriage (yes marriage!) to non other than his African American beau, Clay Walker. Say what! I'm sure Riverdale nor Betty or Veronica will be the same. According to author Dan Parent who told the Associated Press, "The world of Riverdale has to reflect contemporary culture and to show it is an accepting, diverse place. And that's why Kevin is important, to show that everybody is welcome in this all-American town we've embraced for over 70 years." Parent was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for creating the character. It seems that comic book lovers have  had mixed reviews of this coupling but Comics Alliance is preparing to spin the "Kevin K." character off into his own comic series. The series, titled Kevin Keller, will follow a four-issue mini-series starring Kevin that began in July and has started filling out his background, including his relationship with his father, who serves in the military and is supportive of his son’s desire to follow in his footsteps. Like those for the other Archie characters, Kevin’s series will deal with his life in high school. “He’s going to be the class president,” said Dan Parent, the writer-artist who created Kevin. But it won’t all be a good time. “Even the most popular kids are not popular with everybody,” Mr. Parent said. “There’s some adversity he’ll have to deal with. Of course even though this is a fictional character, this has raised the ire of the moral police who have assailed the producers with the same old dogma that somehow this comic story line is fueling the mysterious yet all inclusive "gay agenda." We can't have any forward thinking about anything without the influence of those pesky gay elites with that damn agenda that I have never seen personally. I would really like for those with this  holy scroll to share it with the rest of us so that we may be in on the scoop. Unfortunately I wasn't really a comic fan, but I'm very familiar with the whole Riverdale gang and often wondered where were the black folks in this town but any town such as Mayberry, Petticoat Junction or Green Acres. The multicultural angle of Kevin meeting Clark in a army hospital in lieu of the recent repeal of DADT is cute and probably not to far from the reality of some real life couples. Kudos to Comics Alliance for taking it to the next level and not being influenced by the religious right.

Miss At Large Pageant Presents

The Miss Gay Arkansas At Large contest presents Winterball, being held Saturday, December 10, Trinti at 1021 Jessie Road, Doors open at 9pm $7.00 cover charge. The evening will be filled with pageantry and special guest Miss Taylor Monroe, Miss Gay United States, Miss Gay Unites States at Large, Nova Starr, Miss Gay Arkansas Zia D'or, former Miss Gay Arkansas, Stephanie Richards, Mr. Gay United States 2012, Braxton and promoter/emeritus winner Crystal Marie Love. Even thought COP 24/7 makes it's business not only to promote or attend local events, we implore those promoters or proprietors to share their information with this forum. No one has championed the cause of getting out the word about events and happenings than this outlet. For the past many years COP 24/7 has not only been on the scene of numerous events but also has offered considerable support. Even though we try to engage as many events as possible often times there are occasions that scheduling or deadlines preclude us to do so. With that said, as Arkansas' only daily updating LGBTQ online portal, COP 24/7 stands firmly in the news gap to alert, empower and educate gay Arkansas. Keep us in the loop and we will make sure that your news makes the cut! If you get a chance to check out the pageant, send us pictures, observations or overviews. We welcome and encourage your interactivity at all times.

Community Meeting Action Alert from COP 24/7

In our comittment to keep all segments alerted to area meetings, seminars, retreats and workshops, the following information is being posted to full fill that charge that COP 24/7 has embraced and will contniue to get the word out as we can to all communities or interested individuals. If you have information or announcements to share, get it to us and let us share it with all corners of Arkansas and beyond. Hit us in our feed back section or directly email us at  COP 24/7 connected here, there and just about everywhere!

HIV/AIDS Community Mobilization Training

Focusing on HIV/AIDS in the African American Community

DECEMBER 15, 2011

Darragh Center Auditorium

Main Library 100 Rock Street

Little Rock, AR 72201

9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Lunch will be provided

To R.S.V.P for this event, go to and enter the event code: Community or email Courtney Hampton:

 Targeting stakeholders in the African American community

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