Friday, December 02, 2011

Cyber Bug Friday

When I started this little blog over six year's ago, it was a new medium that drew me in because it seemed to offer me a chance to be my own "reporter, editor and publisher" in a box. Of course, I had no idea that I would be still around trekking into 2012. Who knew that "blogging" as we've come to know it would develop into a phenom that has taken not only a life unto itself but gone far beyond what I ever dreamed it would be. I didn't like the word "blog" or "blogger" and from the onset never referred to myself with that title. As one who subscribed to using the dictionary often, my "made up word" alert went off then and oh so many more times nowadays. I fought so hard to master the King's English, fighting off being reduced to those who looked O.K. but may sound a bit stupid. Language has always fascinated me, propel my thoughts and was there for me when no person could imagine my hurt, emotion and numerous disappointments served up by life. Therefore, back in 2004 I took to the keyboard in an attempt to put down some thoughts, observations and a spectrum of random thoughts. It's been an amazing ride to which I'm so grateful that some of you found me, stayed with me and allow me to touch your minds. I hope that you come follow me into 2012 as we explore new horizons ranging from the political to the absurd. COP 24/7 is ready to continue to empower, educate and enlighten the LGBTQ community and beyond. Thanks for your readership and now our latest....


COP 24/7 is produced using the Blogger platform via the folks at Google which seems to be on its way to own anything in its path. When we set sail using this platform, it seemed basically simple with a familiar "click and play" plug in. To get started I read the in-house tutorial while searching for "all things blog." to make sure that I didn't make to much of a mess out of the thing. Low and behold I got the knack and off we were to present day. I have watched as Blogger grew, evolved and allowed me so many options to make what I was publishing better. With each post I felt my writing "chops" flexing as I began to offer more great pictures, graphics while stylizing to my liking. Since then, COP 24/7  through Blogger was among the first in Arkansas to post "podcast" which was the latest gizmo causing this forum to come alive with a voice speaking to our audience. Video's joined my arsenal including  slide shows and links to other video's on numerous shared drives. Becoming visually stimulating was an exceptional step up that leverage not only content but engaged our readers on another level. Through it all, Blogger has been a good platform despite a few glitches and snafus either from the system itself or the producer. I'm looking forward to all the new wizardry that's to come from the Blogger team. I don't know them personally but I do know that they've given me great tools to work with and a dynamic "bully pulpit" to have my say each day.  Viva Blogger and look forward to more from COP 24/7 and Blogger.

Kicking with Miss Kitty's and The Saloon

Thursday's "soft opening" for the newly revamped Miss Kitty's and The Saloon concept under the management of the TraX management was an interesting mix. Begining at the New Six Ten, with an  array of familiar finger foods, the bar quickly began to acquire patrons anticipating the opening of new venue. Although many faces were notable, there were some among the mix who have either "nested out at home," or "needed an opportunity"to be seen without actually being seen. One such reveler stated to me that " I didn't want any of you to think I was dead or something." With the crowd swelling, it was very apparent to myself several scenarios especially since the actual bar was only staff with one lone novice bartender, who was struggling to get the product out as the demand increased. I have to give it to Travis for being a real trooper in the face of the onslaught of those wanting libations now and not later. In the crowd, I over heard numerous complaints that having only one person behind the bar seemed fool hearted. Others waxed on that "this is why I don't come out. The bars don't accomodate anymore but just rather take us for granted."  This is just ridiculous and if this is what's waiting around the corner, then I guess they won't see me anymore," said RL. As I stood toward the back of the log jammed room I wasn't clear to if this was an "invitation only" soft opening did they:

A. Think that if we give out invites, only a percent will attend.

B. We gave out invitations with no perception as to who would turn out and what would we do if we were hit by a surge of gay humanity.

C. We only gave out so many invites and who invited these other folks that have shown up to celebrate what we've done. or

D. YIKES!  We're not sure what we've done and we are simply are going for broke with hopes that we figure it out before we have to bail out.

To be honest, this new outlet seems put together is a hurried fashion and no one called Nate Burkis, David or at least summoned any number of the local "designing women" who could have offered a bit of coordination and "WoW" factor that we have been accustom too. However, of course who are we to say I guess, but if you are going to make a big deal about it then in the minds of others they've made a bigger deal about it than you. Let's not forget we live in the jet set age of those who move about the country into swanky, vision forward and stylized haunts of Dallas, New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Chicago to name a few. The reviews that COP 24/7 has listened to summed it up as stating that few rooms colorized and repurposed doesn't raise the bar. I was totally blown away with one comment that said, "taking a pig and putting some lip stick on it does not still make it a pig." Ouch! In defense of management, I believe that there heart is in the right place and sometimes circumstances don't always allow you to full fill bigger dreams at first. However as I've lived "in the life" for the last four decades, I know that most are attracted to the glitter and glam benchmark that has been apart of our socialization process. Gays and Lesbians despite their economic status strive to upgrade and be on the cutting edge of the next upgrade. It may seem absurb but its steeped in the reality of those who are fortuate to have those extra dollars to spend as they wish. So if you fall short, then be prepared to take sling and arrows that may come your way. Nevertheless, Congrats to the team on keeping their timeline and kicking it off. Let's hope that the momentum that was seen Thursday night will be sustainable but with lessons learned.  Miss Kitty's and The Saloon is slated to be open Thursday - Saturday, 9pm -2pm Stay tuned to this forum for updates as they evolve and otherwise.  

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