Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Prism Laser in Motion

2011 is moving full zip stream through the holidays right into the new year of 2012. It's moving and shaking faster than a drag queen in costume change. So here were ready to roll out another post of our special brand news, views, observations, breaking news and always a little something special. The in-box is always full and believe it or not, we check every single message in search of what will make the cut on the COP 24/7. Here's the latest...

World AIDS Day: Double Take 2.0

This is the second portion of our look back at WAD 2011 as we follow the "evaluation" route that is used by number crunchers and paper pushers a-go-go within Agency A to Z. On our last outing we highlighted the Pulaski Tech event produced by the Future Builders organization. After that full day of events, the Arkansas Department of Health presented a press conference on the steps of the building. Top tier administration folks such as Dr. Halverson  Dr. Nate Smith and new HIV/AIDS Hep C section chief T. Long plus community member K. Holmes were the scheduled featured speakers. However, Representative Linda Chesterfield brought considerable life and energy to what otherwise would have been more official verbiage swathed in red ribbon bow. What was a bit unsettling was the fact that most of those in attendance were employees from the building. Even though the audience was dotted with a few community folks, again this forum speculated as to where are the stakeholders, consumers and end users that are being addressed. Where's the general public? They show up for abortion issues, breast cancer and any numerous other matters that warrant their attention. Of course a 3:30 pm Thursday time frame could have been a factor, but what seemed rather questionable was how the whole "press conference" was conceived and rolled out. How can an state agency with an internal media apparatus in place not be able to disseminate information of such a low level nature, only to garner such marginal outcomes. Although there were media outlets present, the question that I heard from locals was " I would like to have attended but how would have I known?" Others stated, "why do I hear about it on TV but not before it happens." These are good questions and I'd like to tell them that if they read COP 24/7 daily they could be in the loop. However, as good as that sounds that wouldn't be quite factual. Even more surprising is the fact that this forum has a direct link to ADH as suggested in one of those round robin of meeting that occurred across the city, yet often the info flows slowly to us as well.  Let's be clear, this forum has no competitively paid "PR Specialist," nor spokesperson or any of those other official trappings that they are afforded. Just so you know, issues surrounding communication whether internal or external have been discussed more than can be counted. Believe it or not at one time even this forum was considered for a banner ad that never materialized. In a nutshell, the press conference served the purpose however in this nano seconds of living that passes before our lives daily, circulating information long before an event takes place should be a no brainer or at least I thought so.    

Holiday Giving 2011

Tis the season to begin the giving to the less fortunate. COP 24/7 has always encouraged our readership to "do a random act of kindness" or find an organization that you can give back to the community. Unfortunately those who work the streets are often overlooked due to the nature of transacting business of this nature on the streets. Even though panhandling in the county is illegal it is going on mighty strong without any resolve. If you stop at a convience store for reasons unknown the management, despite signage allow individuals to seek donations without recourse. I know that some folks are down on their luck and could use any cash infusion but after awhile it gets to be a bit much.  The city spent dollars on collection boxes for such needs yet I have never heard of what's been collected not to mention the mechanism of distributing the funds. I was taken by surprise last evening as a young latino came out of the shadows with a sign on the drivers side with a message that I couldn't read. He kept pushing the sign toward my windsheild even as traffic was to go into motion. I thought for a moment if I hadn't seen this guy or had been distracted otherwise there could have been an unforutnate incident. What's the answer is anybodies guess or according to those like former GOP Presidential seeker Herman Cain who stated that "its you own fault that you are not rich." Really Mr. Cain, it seems that you've got some explaining as well when it comes to personal circumstances. In the meantime, here are a couple of opportunities to make a difference:

Rev HDStewart HEZED@aol.com (501) 378-0176.

The Watershed is located at 3701 Springer Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72206 (in Little Rock off Roosevelt Road).


Caravan for the Homeless, Contact Sandra Wilson at 501.580.6185

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