Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Being My Brother and Sister's Keeper

COP 24/7 stands with community based and AIDS service organizations, consumers, advocates, activist, public health officials, stakeholders, allies and supporters as we recognize Black HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day 2012. We believe that "Changing the course of HIV and AIDS, 1 Black life at a time" beckons to Arkansas' Black communities to rise to the occasion of becoming more engaged with educational, empowering and uniting our forces to deal with this vital health dilemma. It is imperative that we demand from our policy makers, law makers and community leaders to take a more aggressive approach in offering prevention messages, linkages to care while addressing the social determinants of employment, housing, transportation, food and education that have a significant impact on those either living affected or infected with the disease. In the above video, the CDC's Dr. Kevin Fenton cites how critical the situation has become as this disease is not only taking precious individual lives, but now we are faced with the possibilities of loosing a generation. Although we acknowledge three decades of breakthroughs, there is still much work to be done to stem the tide of HIV and AIDS. This forum has been dedicated to sharing the most updated information, links, source materials and video in dealing with this public health crisis. I vow to continue to be a both a bell ringer as well as, town crier seeking accountability and responsibility from those who are charged with forging tangible results and outcomes. Be Empowered, Get Educated and Get Tested! For more information and to join the fight, go to www.livingaffected.org or www.livingaffected.blogspot.com or contact any of the organizations under our Hot Links.

For Your Consideration

Important Debate on LGBTQ Issues

Thursday Feb 9 at 3:15
                                    Bowen Law School

in the Friday Courtroom

Featuring Renowned Experts
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

Founder and President of the Ruth Institute
(testified in favor of the law banning cohabiting couples
from adopting or fostering children will present arguments
against marriage equality)

Christine Sun, J.D.

Formerly of the ACLU LBGT Project, now the Southern Poverty Law Center 
(was counsel in our challenge to Act 1 and she will present
arguments for marriage equality.)       

Hors d'oeuvres and Drinks Provided
All are welcome to attend the event so please
extend this invitation to others as well
please plan to arrive a few minutes early
***AR Stonewall Democrats sponsored the appearance of Ms. Sun

People of Unity Seeking Members

The group People of Unity is continuing to seek members and interested individuals whom embrace diversity and multi-cultural relationships. The group had a successful fundraiser for Amber Edge who auditioned in Austin, Texas for a slot in the shows cast. To date their has been no announcement on her selection but when its release this forum will be among the first to know. Organizers are brain storming on ideas, community service efforts and social activities that will support their solidarity with The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc statement of purpose to deal with racism, sexism, homophobia and HIV and AIDS personally and in the community. The group was energized as they were an integral part of the 2011 Fall Regional Weekend that was held in Little Rock. The event also created a partnership with other locally based groups that offered a empowerment session attended by local LGBTQ youth. POU has plans to participate in the community organizing effort to celebrate the centennial of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin through the showing of the film, "Brother Outsider" and possible panel discussion. Currently founding memberships are $10 which will give new members complimentary access to a forthcoming planned March event.  The groups is also excited to announce that the national NABWMT convention will be held in San Diego, July 18-22,  Spring Midland Regional will be hosted May 4-6 in Columbus, OH, and Fall Regional September 14-17, 2012 in Dallas TX.  Group members hope to attend these opportunities to network with others from across the country. If you are interested in the organization check out their Facebook page for more information. For one-stop convention registration information go to www.nabwmt.org

Tech Heads and Geeks:Where are U?

For several weeks now, this forum has been seeking those techie folks that may want to share their expertise with this forum. COP 24/7 is always about moving and shaking in the community therefore I had hoped that there were some talented individuals who would want to help us take this forum to the next level. So I've been asking but so far no takers. What's up with that?  Why wouldn't a tech expert want to put their signature creative mark on this site that is seen by individuals from Ukraine to Mena! Your work would be globally seen and certainly COP 24/7 would ramp up the kudos as an added value to the mix. I know you are out there and this forum is awaiting a shout out from the best and brightest person who can make it happen. If you have the time, goods and out of the box idea, then bring your "A" game and make your mark. I dare ya... Hit us up at nealix101@comcast.net


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