Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rainbow Periscopes Up and Away

Didn't February just start about a week ago? It seems that days are whistling away in a fast and furious fashion that causes me to wonder what the heck is going on. As we've witnessed this week time is really of the essence and making the best of each and everyday is vital. Because you don't get to do a repeat. Its for this reason the COP 24/7 keep rolling along while pumping out the our unique take on what's really going on locally, nationally and globally. If you are not following us, opt-in email enabled or bookmarking this site, then may we suggest that you should. If you are thinking it, most likely we are talking about it! Keep it locked and loaded to COP 24/7 for the latest updates, breaking news and so much more!!!!

Flipping and Floppin at DSRA 2.0

Yesterday this forum posted about a couple of items that appeared on Facebook in regards to movements involving the Diamond State Rodeo Association. In full disclosure, I am a former Royalty Team member of the group and while I don't really have a dog in this hunt, I believed that those items warranted posting on this platform. As far as I was concerned, the comments were publicly placed therefore making them open to be used as a source of information or even insights to matters taking place within the organization. As promised, COP 24/7 outreached to the poster (Justin Case) and was met with not only that individuals but was approached by others who wanted to share their observations. As I've learned, the current Miss DSRA, C. Lynn, both membership and social chair and others have all exited the organization for various reasons yet uncovered. In my earlier post, I alluded that the group was "embattled" as well as embroiled in "strained relationships," for which I can personally attest to as this was the case during my involvement. It was my goal as their reigning figurehead to bring a sense of unity, compromise, outreach and forward momentum that the organization has never quite achieved. I was literally pursued to be apart of the then Royalty competition despite some reservations. However, I believed that I was up to the challenge even  though I knew some background on problematic occurrences which were embodied in their troubled history. I would have never done the competition had it not been for lots of support and encouragement from those who have known me for some time. I dealt with a variety of attitudes and insinuations for two consecutive years as I tried to rise above petty bickering and disrespectfulness. I had made up my mind that as the first Black Miss DSRA it was necessary to stay the course as well as honor those who believed in me. This is why the Community Service Award given to me by Mr.  J. Lum in honor of his partner Mr.Rodey Brown was so special and endearing. It was a testament that I could always know that my legacy will be "service centered" framed by my passion for human rights for all. Therefore, the news of the current resignations don't come as a surprise to me at all but do sadden me to know that lessons are still not being learned from teachable moments. If the atmosphere or culture of an organization is"toxic" then that toxicity will permeate at all levels resulting in an dysfunctional entity. Organizations are and should be about the "mission" that each member embraces not about single mindedness, egos or abrasive attitudes that serve no one. It's the "MISSION" which should be front and center as directed by its leadership and supported by its members, supporters or allies. I tried to stay focused with this in mind and through my participation attempted to full fill the mission of "positively promoting the country and western life in the LGBTQ community."  Folks are ready to weigh in and we will be updating with the latest. Stay tuned....

"Our Lives, Our Stories" Raises Profile

Congratulations to the The Living Affected Corporation on both the publishing and sales of its second periodical featruing the stories of women living with AIDS in Arkansas. "Sales have been good," said Deidra Levi, CEO of the organization. "The response has been positive and we are looking to do some additional book signings to alert the public to the importance of this book." she concluded. The group has annouced that a signing has been tenatively scheduled for Jonesboro,  February 24 and in Little Rock, March 25. Additional details are being completed and will be announced through this medium and social networking platforms. The book has been reviewed on Reviews by Amos reaching a spike of over 700 views acccording Lassen who reveal the news during a recent book signing. Also the book has been a featured item on the organizations new blog site ( ) and can be purchased through their  secured PayPal portal.

Live Streaming: White House LGBT Conference

In case you missed it and most likely you did. COP 24/7 is sharing the link to the White House LGBT Conference that was held today in Philadelphia. This White House LGBT Conference on Health features remarks by Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius, Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) John Berry, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Obama administration officials. The Conference is hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and Mazzoni Center. The event took place on the campus of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When I was in Philadelphia a couple of years ago I had the chance to meet the Mayor's LGBTQ Liasion who welcomed our group The National Association of Black and White Men Together to the city during our convention. She spent time networking with each of us as well as informing us about her duties and accomplishments since being appointed. I was thrilled to have met her as I kept thinking "why doesn't my city have a LGBTQ Liasion." Meanwhile, she invited me to tour city hall and visit her office while I was in town which I took her up on. Mayor Nutter has been a true champion for strong LGBT protections in that region as well as providing top notch health care centers including a new transgendered health center devoted to health issues of such individual. What would my city look like if Mayor Stoddla took a open position of dealing with LGBTQ issues that have rarely been addressed by the city, not to mention even an invite to meet with him about any of it. Maybe nobody has ask and its high time that we do.  In meantime, COP 24/7 is always on the cutting edge of bringing you vital links, video, podcast and informational updates. Please listen up and share your thoughts on this stream. Check out for the latest great streams.

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