Friday, February 10, 2012

The Best of COP 24/7

Everybody has a best of this or that relating to whatever they do "best." Singers have their "greatest hits" catalog. Talk shows don't mind sharing reruns of their best shows produced and writers often compile their best works into new best works for redistribution. So why shouldn't COP 24/7 not have a best of CorneliusOnpoint series like everybody else. Surely within the over 100,000 words of the 792 post that I've produced their has to have been at least a few good ones that needs to be revisited. Therefore in the next few weeks, we will roll with that idea, as we present some of the blast from the past and more! See if you remember any of "what was really going on back then."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Diversity Mix-Down: As many of you know I get mucho e-mail and I do mean "MUCHO!" However, I make every attempt to read all of this info but often much of it goes to my File 13 bucket. Yet my attention was certainly grabbed by an invitation that was bounced via the Stonewall Democrats citing a "Peacemaker" forum 12.11.09 Dunbar Community Center, 5-7 p.m. facilitated by the United States Department of Justice. The forum is being billed as an "opportunity to share your issues, concerns, and interests to enhance race relations and improve access to services in our community." Even more eyeopening was that this was being coordinated by City Director Erma "Fingers" Hendrix (pictured) whom if you may recall was embroiled in a brouhaha earlier this year based on a statement that she allegedly quipped during the ill fated Day Center debate. It was reported, but not totally substantiated to my satisfaction that she implied that the center considered for the the old Job Corp building would attract those type of people namely "homosexuals." Of course, Mrs. Hendrix vehemently denied such a statement was uttered nor is she of that state of mind or a person of that pedigree. As she continued to deny it, the reports kept swirling in the media and the GLBTQ construct went viral with social network postings. According to Mrs. H. her phone went ringing off the wall and in the final analysis, the whole matter became a non-issue. And in typical "erruption fashion," everyone moved on as usual. No apologies issued, no resignations announced, no detectable resolution. So what are we to make of this outing from Hendrix? It's anyone's guess and most likely no one will really care in my estimation. I predict that there will be minimal attendence from the GLBTQ community, but I'd love to be proved wrong. I'm always glad when the community makes a showing. However, it's all so surreal that this event would be taking place as this state has barred it's GLBTQ citizens from marrying or adopting. Ultimately, the forum perhaps should be about,"where's the justice in that peacemaking?" Hey Mrs. Hendrix, since it appears that you are all about mending fences, how about a forum on "Community Homophobia" coordinated with some of our local activist and advocates? Or better yet, could we count on you to be a guest speaker at next years PRIDE 2010 event? It's just something to think about. Here's a quick reacap: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE/Community Relations Services: The Departments “Peacemaker” for community conflict and tensions arising from differences of race, color, and national origin. 5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2009

DUNBAR COMMUNITY CENTER 1101 W. 16TH STREET, Little Rock, Light hors d’oeuvres will be served. If you find you face in the place, I'd love to hear your observations or opinions.

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