Thursday, February 02, 2012

Raging The Machine Upward and Onward

I've learned over the years, if you can't take the heat in the kitchen, then you need to excuse yourself from it. Of course there's always something heating up in the COP 24/7 kitchen and we've come to love it just fine, thank you. As we roll through this Groundhog Day on our way to our possible demise come this December according to the Mayan calendar, this forum vows to rage the information machine upward and onward. Its going to be more of what we hope you've been looking for! Are you ready? I'm ready. Now let's work...

Waiting for the Soul Train

Before the headline hit the mainstream airwaves, one of my FB friends shot the me a message that at first I couldnt' believe. I had to re-read it and then follow the link to make sure that I was learning that icon entrepreneur, broadcaster and producer Don Cornelius was dead. Could it be true or was this another one of the sick rumors that find their way into our information stream. However as I read an account on the New York Times web page, I discovered that it was indeed true. As I reflected throughout the day, I remembered how it seemed that no one had any worries, insecurities or concerns as they dance their way to the latest tunes from the seemingly endless list of guest stars. Unfortunately as the rest of the country got to see the show on Saturday mornings, I forced to wait for the Soul Train in the late night hours locally. Despite the scheduling from local affiliate, I still made the effort to catch the show at it 1 am slot. Each time I tuned in, I was enamored with the fashion, fun and music that made me wonder just how could I get on the "train" that seemed to have stops but just not in my city. I too wanted to dance the Soul Train line and strut my stuff just as the shows dancers did. I had mastered how to unscramble the shows word play game revealing past artist or upcoming guest. Even in the midnight hour, I moved and grooved as Don Cornelius announced the next song with savvy and gusto. It never appeared that he was ever at a lost of the right words to make me feel as if I would eventually some day get to be apart of the hippest trip in America. Every week the show injected my mundane life with colorful burst of optimism and wonderment that filled me with hope that I would find my way to where the Soul Train departed. Even though Mr. Cornelius kept telling me each week to get on board, unfortunately I never found the depot. It was years later that I surmised that I had to create my own life's "train" that would offer me a path to full fillment. The world of Soul Train could live in me as I discovered my own creativity through my musical passions, developing my own sense of fashion while grabbing the brass rings of life. The shows vibrancy and empowering message was the " take away" that was suppose to be the fuel to set me on my course to prosperity. Even though I haven't completed my destiny, I believe that I'm well on my way with the help of many others who have crossed my path. With the passing of Don Cornelius, I share a sense of lost as many other do as well. But the power of delivering people like me on TV will always stay with me and even though I never got to be on the show, I now know that I've always been the soul train in my own unique and special way. Gone but not forgotten, Mr. Cornelius. I bid you in your immortal words, "love, peace and soul."  

Backtalk: Community Voices
COP 24/7 has always been a open forum and a interactive medium designed to engage the LGBTQ community and beyond. Our pages feature a variety of "backtalk" from those with impassioned messages, observations, rants or comment. It is our postion to re-post these unedited or altered. The words they speak, they own. And now the floor is open....

The last ARCPG meeting was the most poorly concealed effort by the ADH to put Positives and Community Parners "in our place" that I have witnessed. A large potion of the meeting was led by a non-member and titled "THE ROLE OF THE CPG."

What an insult ! We saw that a year ago, again 6 months ago, and have decided at every meeting what role Arkansas CPG would need to take to make Prevention work here, as we are not GA, or any other state.

The meeting was not lead by the Chair or the Co-Chair, thus removing any pretense of the ADH not being in complete control of the CPG. It reinforced the opinion that the CPG is a worthless body to the ADH and matters precious little to their heads of staff. Questions from the actual members of the CPG were cut off by a staff member of the ADH,

that is also not a member of the CPG. They stood at the front of the room for a great deal of the meeting as though they had been appointed to Chair the meeting.
All CPG members present knew our Bylaws had been blantantly disregarded.
The actual person that should have been serving as Chair, was only given the floor for a matter of minutes to make announcements at the end of the meeting. Our current Co-Chair was on the phone and was not given the floor at all. It was only with persistance that she was finally allowed to ask a question.Less and less of our Community Partners are attending by phone, and in person.
Does anyone wonder why? Our Community Partners know their input is not valued and their time is not appreciated.
Four Positive members of CPG I have worked to recruit, later told me they believe it is pointless for them to attend meetings, or to serve on the CPG. Emails since the meeting have echoed negative sentiments.
Ten years of working to build relations between Positives and ADH is being destroyed rapidly.
Ann Dixon

AR HIV Consumer Advisory Board
AR HIV/AIDS Minority Task Force

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