Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The "V" Day Speceial

Weather in Arkansas never leaves one wanting for change, because no matter what time of year it may be, it will change and sometimes all in a day. Yesterday's AM snowfall briskly gave way to ice pellets that as more warmth arrived offered up a cold wintry rain that almost put this writer in a "do nothing" mindset. But as duty called, I went about my daily duties as I prepared for "doing that thing that I do" throughout the week. Of course this being a day to celebrate love, its appropriate that we divert our spirited arrows toward matters of the heart and those of the lovelorn set. However on tomorrow this forum will return to the fray with updates on Gay Pride in the City, pageant news, gray gays and so much more. If you are not following us, may we suggest that you do. Because you don't want to be out of the info loop.

The Marriage Equality Mash Up

New Jersey and Washington state have come on board the marriage equality train that has left the station with destinations unknown. Unfortunately there appears that there no planned stop in the Natural State anytime soon. Last week (2.9.12)  The Stonewall Democrats in conjunction with the UALR Federalist Society, ACLU and Bowen Lambda at the Bown Law School offered a interesting "debate" on the issue.
The two participants were Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and President of the Ruth Institute who testified in favor of the law banning cohabitation couples from adopting or fostering children, presented arguments against same-sex marriage and lawyer Christine Sun, formerly of the ACLU LBGT Project and now with the Southern Poverty Law Center, presented arguments for same-sex marriage. Sun was counsel to the state challenge to Act 1, which banned cohabiting couples from adopting or fostering children. I didn't know what to expect from this exercise but from the jump by all appearances, Dr. Morse was extremely well prepared and up to the challenge of asserting her position on the topic. Out the gate she created a premise that such marriages don't serve an "essential public purpose" do to the fact that she believes that the social construct of "marriage" was created as public institution to support the presumption of paternity. She went on to state that if this institution was to be "redefined" it is possible that there are a plethora of societal issues that may result. I couldn't help but be engaged with her ticking off evidence and stats to which she felt fully supported her position against such marriages. She she was wearing a great poker face, I wasn't totally assured that she really supported civil unions or domestic partnerships but she did muse on that such tools were now available. As for Ms. Sun, who came out the box by stating that she was not "in it to win it" from the onset gave me pause as she didn't seem as thoroughly prepared as her opponent. In my opinion Ms. Sun rambled, repeated and didn't firmly substantiate her course of rebuttal but rather offer some statements that often didn't rise to the occasion. She spoke about her personal situation in which she cited that same sex couples are not interested in obtaining a "civil union" because according to her it doesn't mean as much as the term "married." Sun referenced some talking points from the Arkansas Supreme Courts which she said had supported her stance of a lack of difference or uniqueness of same sex couples. Unfortunately for myself,  I just couldn't get with Ms. Sun's approach nor actually follow her argument as presented. Even in my notes I found it hard to get the bullet points that she was trying to make as a retort to Dr.Morse whom handled her issues with plenty of ammo and then some. As for me, I believe that if we are going to be a nation that speaks to other countries concerning their human rights violations or lack thereof, then our governing bodies need to make sure that our "house" is in order. Since being in a long term relationship for more almost two decades, we've talked about the "marriage" question but haven't felt compelled that our relationship needed such a designation. For those who need it, then by all means make it so. But I would rather have a solid long endearing relationship than some splashy ceremony that may or may not last. Now hear this, being in a long term commitment takes work and more give and take that you might ever imagined. Each of you go through stages of your relationship and if you survive to navigate the twist and turns, then you're doing damn good. I've been to many commitment services, civil unions and domestic recognition celebrations that were beautifully executed. However, many of these ended in torment and much pain for all parties involved. This subject will be debated to death, yet there are many other human right issues that are more paramount to myself and I believe many others as well. If you're looking for love, try starting with yourself before you try loving some one else. Think about it.  Happy Valentines Day!!

From our Food Files

You just never know what you will discover here at the COP 24/7 Forum and we like it like that. Especially when we uncover new blogs, news sources and other great content that I think will be of interest to our readers. Not to mention, I'm also a "foodie" person who is intrigued by new ingrediants or methods to prepare a diffrent dish. Recently I found a recipie for a "Turnip Casserole." Yes I said  Turnip which I thought "who knew" that turnips could be used in a casserole. But after reviewing the recipie and buying some of the extras needed, I set about making this dish. To my suprise, it was quite good and hearty as well. It could be served along side any pork, fish or beef dish and certainly would be a suprising side dish for guest. This is why I'm posting the following item from a nother great platform entitled "What's Cooking." Take a gander and get in the kitchen to make that special dish for your special someone. Hit us up if you come across something you would like to share or an experience that you may want us to try. Let's hear from you....


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Palatschinken are light, thin pancakes much like crêpes, hailing from Austrian and Bavarian traditions. They are scrumptious alone or filled with decadent sweets and fruit, perfect for brunch or a light dinner. And what makes them so important? Their influence over the name of our featured WWBR blog this week, Palachinka!

As you enter the blog, flashes of tempting dishes scroll in a slideshow across the top of the page. The lovely mixture of sweet and savory in the Strawberry, Caramelized Pear & Bleu Cheese Salad and the wholesome, warming Thick Carrot Soup were enough to draw us in to really find out what this blog is all about: “Everyday food made decadent, and decadence made easy.”
The blog is full of recipes for every occasion and from all corners of the world, plus it is incredibly easy to navigate. One click on the Categories tab and you have everything you need for any upcoming meal listed right in front of you. You can browse by Course when searching for just the right appetizer for guests or by Regional Cuisine when you get an itch to try something from afar without leaving your own kitchen. The main focus of the blog is recipes with an Eastern European twist, taking you from Austria to Macedonia and many more.

Some of our favorites are the Persian Roasted Chicken with Dried Cherry-Saffron Rice- an ideal winter weeknight meal, the beautiful Esterhasy Torte- a traditional Austrian dessert, and the Pain Perdu .
And if you are feeling particulary ambitious, try whipping up homemade Avjar or bright and zesty Preserved Lemons!

No matter what you end up doing this weekend, be sure and check out Palachinka and let us know below what quenches your thirst for decadence!

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