Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spining the Wednesday Big Wheel

Welcome to COP 24/7's turn at spining our big wheel of "what's really going on" as we take a 365 at the world around us. And what a world it is as far I am concerned! Let's not waste a moment with this posting because it just won't wait! Bring it!

Flip Flopping at DSRA

Where do we start with this item is anybody's guess. Just when you thought these folks would be doing some boot scooting it seems that there's lots of "flip flopping" over the rainbow. Case in point, last evening as I was preparing for my posting ritual, I saw several notices that I found interesting at that time. And today, I'm even more intrigued as to the going's on with the Diamond State Rodeo Association. Around 9pm it was posted by J. Germany their "Social Coordinator" that the groups Over the Rainbow Prom event had been cancelled. However there was no further information offered or any reference to any possible explanation that may be posted otherwise. The groups website still had the annnouncement posted and I saw further Facebook chatter that despite what had been previously stated the event was still on. According to the poster there is suppose to be discounted items available, some type of "King and Queen" contest and other activities. Yet with the event only a few days away, not to mention some of the confusion, there are no listings as to how or where to get the discounted items. At our post time, COP 24/7 was trying to sort out more details and will update, if we can,  as they become available. Also within the additional postings on the event page many cited that they would not be attending the event for numerous reasons. None appear to be related to the cancel announcement. Furthermore, I've never considered FB as a true barometer about anything local. Especially since "locals" are so "wishy washy" with their intentions. They will tell you to your face that they will be attending but often find "things that come up," as a reason to "null and void" their word. I've seen it all to many times and this behavoir impacts planning and outcomes across the board. Unfortunatley area groups continue to believe that "if they post it, folks will really show up,' and its a crap shoot at best. If that wasn't enough just moments later there was another public posting from Justin Case currently Mista DSRA with this statement:

Effective today, I have resigned from the Board of Directors of DSRA and as royalty. My membership is due up this month, I will not be renewing it. Thank you all for your support and I wish the best for DSRA.
It appears that after 6 months of Royalty Team duties, Case has made the decision to call it quits. At least this was the case 10 hours ago. Apparently from what we've further learned, there appears to be continuing strained relationships, nebulous explanations and internal embattlement that are ripe for furthering questions from anyone who is willing to speak to the issues. Its no secret that this group has been beset with a colorful reputation that has been its Achilles heel.  We'll try to get it but we're not going to waste lots of time on it. Stay tuned....

Pride in the City 2012

If you don't know it and you should, COP 24/7 has been both cheerleader and ball buster on how Gay Pride activities are developed or produced. Back in 2009 this forum stepped to the plate and collaborated with a determined group of folks trying to "make it happen." We've criticized, cajoled and in our true nature, "called folks out" about past outings that were either boon or bust. Its 2012 and we're ready to start talking about this all over again. Currently there is no entity or group that is designated to take on this effort. The local watering holes have filled the void with pub crawls, autograph parites, pillow fights and all manner of mayhem. Now with all that said, there has been some speculation and "out of the box" thinking that would require prior planning, proper execution and a total "buy in" from the entire community. Here's the possible big idea. A weekend festival climaxing with a "street party" concept utilizing the 7th street cooridor bars and adjacent parking lots. This would be complete with vendors, community based organizations booths, stages, contest, or whatever the budget would allow. NOW with that said, none of this "big ass idea" can happen without a commited core group that is prepared to be in it for the long haul. Big talkers, Egocentric, Wacky, or Bull Shitters need not apply as far as I'm concerned. At this point the whole idea is a pipe dream but anything is possible with or without a damn parade. Being of the cerebral set, I would love it if the early part of week could be outfitted with some great cultural evenings that would balance the week for those in search of more meaning to the week. The LGBTQ is more than "buns and boxes," and proving that should be a central point of any Gay Pride Week. Alright folks we've put it out there and will be ready to keep talking about this or any plausible alternative plan presented. If you've got a comment, ideas or observation, let's hear from you.  

CAR Hosts Rainbow Game and Potluck Night Feb. 25

The Center for Artistic Revolution will be hosting a community event centered on potlucking and games Feb. 25 from 6:00pm - until, 800 Scott St. (inside First Presbyterian) in downtown Little Rock. And guess what it's FREE! According to organizers they request that you bring someone with you, come and visit with old friends, make new friends!  What a novel idea? And its an idea that COP 24/7 thought could be a launching pad as a means to bring other local organizations together as a braintrust collective to further address local issues and other decisive matters that has fragmented the community. If not this venue then lets decide on another or at least start the conversation.

So,Bring your favorite dish to share and a game you'd like to play. We will have Apples to Apples, Jenga, Cranium, cards, dominoes, etc.
CAR will provide all ice, paper products and utensils. Adult beverages will be allowed however the group encourages responsible behavior during this event

Need more info, hit em up at or 501.244.9690 Come get your community groove on. And tell COP 24/7 sent ya!

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