Monday, February 27, 2012

Keeping it 365 Black

As another Black History Month rolls away, there's been some debate as to the signifcance or revelance of having a designated  period to commemorate the historical evolution of a people. On Monday UALR hosted the film "More than a Month," produced by S.H. Tilghman who went cross country on an quest to engage the proverbial premise that "Black History is American History." Ultimately Tilghman wanted to float the idea that having a such a month is not productive. I tend to fall in the camp that although the month has been around since 1925 it still has a place in today's culture despite its overly commericalized bent. No matter where you reside in the discussion or thought process, Black history has distinct threads that are apart of the fabric of America's history. There's no doubt that the accomplishments that have taken place since our arrival to these shores continues to thrust us into the 21st Century. In case you missed the local presentation or the actual PBS showing, COP 24/7 has embedded a version for your consideration.

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