Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Rewind

In case you didn't know or don't remember, this forum uses all the latest whiz bang gizmos or techie things it can to stay on point. Fortunately, this platform allows myself to pre-post, re-edit and schedule some future posting as I try to stay sane during my hectic schedule.Therefore, if you check in and it seems that this forum is updating rather quickly, its because COP 24/7 can and often is produced from anywhere in the world! Yes my readers this forum could be done live on the West Coast or pre proudced from a hotel room in Clovis, New Mexico. Corneliusonpoint is here, there or damn near everywhere in 2012. So bookmark, RSS feed, opt-in e-mail or come follow us as we keep banging it out because if you are thinking it, then most likely we're talking about it. With that said, let's get talking.

Our Lives, Our Stories on the Road

Big high five and congrats to The Living Affected Corporation on taking its latest publication, "Our Lives, Our Story, The Untold Stors of Women with AIDS" to book signings in Forest City and Jonesboro respectively after a Little Rock launch at the Pyramid Gallery earalier in February. The book features the stories of four local women who confront their realities of living with HIV while subsequently dealing with an AIDS diagnosis. "We are proud of the ladies and how they have shared their stories with those who have attended the signings," said D. Levi, LA Corp CEO.  "If we secure additional funding, we would like to continue this project as it has become a successful program for our organization." As apart of the groups The Plus Club project, the program was designed to address socialization issues, stigma while creating a safe zone for the participants. NARAN, (Northeast Arkansas Regional AIDS Network) hosted the Jonesboro stop as the authors mingled and networked during a pre-reception for the event and answered questions from audience members as panelist. "I'm so to see the support and folks turning out to for this," said Connnie Roebuck, on of the participants. "Although I didn't have the response I'd like to have had in Forrest City, myself and the ladies will continue to travel the state to promote this book. I've been working hard to get as many copies out as possible." she concluded. On March 25, another signing is tenatively scheduled for Second Presbyterian Church in Little Rock. As details continue to unfold this forum will post. All proceeds from the book will be reinvested into the organization as it continues its mission to promote holistic, positive sexual and reproductive health in marginalized Arkansas communities. Copies of Our Lives, Our Story," can be purchased on line at  Get your copy today while they last!!!

Campaigns A-Go-GO: The "Know Now" Launch

Advertising campaigns are front and center in our daily lives, especially during those big public events such as the Super Bowl or more recently the Academy Awards where the new "JCP" rolled out its new high production value Ellen commericals.  Of course in that league, we're talking about Millions of dollars being spent to craft a message that is suppose to "stick and stay" with the public. Got that?  This forum has mentioned numerous times about the impending Arkansas Department of Health's stealth advertising campaign that was incubating over at Advantage Communications and exactly what does one get for $150,000. Well apparently you get the phrase...wait for it...are you ready?  Here we go... "Know Now."  What ya think?  Is it moving you in any way? Do you know what you are suppose to "know." Do ya?  No.?   When I got this preview of the "know Now" campaign, I was unphased and most certainly unamused that all the secrecy and tight lipped folks involved went to great lengths to keep basically" two words" under wraps. With this reveal, I now hope that their is significant advertising strategy planned to support this message such as where will this be placed. How will it be deployed and in what manner will the outcomes be calculated. Furthermore, who will be amassing this information and will it be made available for review. And surely whatever more there is to this campaign, it better be a damn good  considering that the CDC spent those "millions I mentioned" to put together a well vetted and culturally compentent advertisng campaign that could have been tailored for this state. The "Testing Makes us Stonger," (pictured) moniker speaks volumes and the images associated as well as the possible marketing of the message could have been a home run for Arkansas. Plus that offering was get this,"free" for the taking with whatever modifications that were needed. Everyone seemed excited about using that campaign except the folks here in Arkansas. Is anybody wondeirng why?  If "know Now" is going to work, someone of at Advantage Communications better bust a move to demonstrate how these two words are going to resonate with the target audience of Black men having sex with men. Especially those from 13-24 who are tuned out into Lil Wanye, Rhianna and all things hip hop. Will any of these folks see or hear this message? Hello. Alright ADH, bring it and let's see if it flies.  If you've got any back talk, comments, observations or opinion, let's hear from you today!!!!!

Tech Geeks Wanted

COP 24/7 has been on the hunt for tech geeks, whiz kids and gizmo guru's to come share their wisdom and expertise on taking this fourm to another level. What's up? So far, I've got nothing but "crickets." Am I to believe that their are no super smart wonder kids out an about that are interested in volunteering a few hours a month with this forum in its effort to create a better on line experience for our visitiors and readers. I am not looking from persons from MIT or Harvard, but rather a smart, creative visionary that could offer this platform a unique path to greatness. If this is you or if you know of some one who has the "chops" to do so, then by all means let's hear from them. If not, then we will solider on and keep bringing our audience more of what they've come to expect from us! Let's hear from you today!!!

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