Friday, May 29, 2009

The Random Thoughts Edition 1.0

Deciding what will make the cut in this forum sometimes backs me into a corner. There are many factors to consider and of course the ultimate threshold is the timeliness of the item or items involved. Yet, as the pre-eminent shot caller of how this baby flows, I'm determined to keep it fresh, perhaps a bit "cutty," and above all On Point.

It's not as easy as I make it seem and striking the right tone with my diverse readership is a hot catwalk that I try to navigate with style and substance. I keep it coming, again thanks to those of you who keep asking me for it and now here's some more of it....

Crowns-R-Us: Have you seen them blooming all around you? They are popping up like daffodils and crab grass, it's the latest crop of crowns that remind me of the late great Katherine Hepburn's line from Stage Door, "the calla lilies are in bloom again..." except this time with rhinestones. As I was scrolling through my daily onslaught of material. I kept running across announcements about Miss Gay this & That USA, United States, FFI, At-Large, Classic and all means of pageantry coming or going. I can't even imagine trying to attend all these events and I must assume that the artistry is sashaying along nicely thank you. Yet, even with all the new titles, there are some of the same faces and a few freshly pumped that keep making the rounds in search of a title. I'm fully aware that it takes "prelims" to get your "ticket" to the next big thing, but what's sorta puzzling to me and probably some of you as well, is "exactly what becomes of a pageant winner?" According to the ancient Drag Scrolls, per my dusty interpretation, these guys are supposedly not only artist, but quasi lavender representatives exemplifying a determination to live their lives openly as well as with pride. Now isn't that's a snoot full. Ideally the concept is acceptable, unfortunately I've got a raised eyebrow that maybe it's not quite that simple. I know that many volunteer there time for fundraising which is admirable but is this where it ends? There was a time long ago, in a far away land where doing drag was although competitive with "rules," above all it was FUN. I understand that everything must change with growth, however, I would love to see a return to the basic essence of this art form where entertainers actually "entertained," circulated through the audience before the show meeting and greeting, maybe thanking folks for attending afterwards and if possible not taking themselves too seriously. Does any of that fall under that interpretation, why certainly it does. How do you know this you ask, because as a former "Miss Congeniality", I've done it and it's really not that hard. Congratulations to all the current winners, future winners and those who don't win. Believe me you too are winners as well for continuing the tradition.

BAR WATCH: It's been a pleasure to have more outlets available for my personal "early" evening choice. With age my nocturnal lifestyle has become extremely limited and not a moment too soon. Nevertheless, I still make every attempt to make the rounds showing my support. Pardon me, but bar crawling can get rather taxing on the senses and pocketbook, but I must reiterate that "if we don't support these entities, they simply can't continue to be there at our whim." Yes, the economy is iffy and many of those "disposable gay dollars" are being held a little longer, but the bottom line falls squarely on patronage. I've seen "recession nights" at 601 Center, "2 for 2" at Sidetracks, happy hours at STAR BAR and beverage values at the DSRA Club House, all designed with spurring traffic, meanwhile giving customers a price break. Despite all these choices, this city is still in need of "non-bar" activities that will fill another niche community wide. Efforts have been attempted, however, they couldn't succeed with the revenue and direct support that any business person would need to stay in business. I've tired of hearing about exploits in Dallas, ATL or any gay mega city elsewhere. Go and visit for the experience, move their if you can afford it, but by all means show this city, it's organizations, outlets and visitors some natural love!!

COP:24/7 C-NOTE: I've learned that the "pulse" will be increased in the Seventh Street Entertainment Mash Up with some additional choices for your consideration. It's coming soon and we'll be there with the latest info....Stay with us!

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