Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 715 and Counting

Its all about 715. What is 715 you ask? This is the seven hundred fifthteeth posting on CorneliusOnpoint. Yes my friends, foes and followers there have been 715 items posted in this forum covering everything from soup to nuts. If we believed that it was of interest to you our readers, we moved to cover it, uncover it, share it, emphasize it and damn near call out it for all to see. Its been our pleasure to keep bringing you our special brand of news and views of the LGBTQ community and beyond. There's much that's going on in the world that reverberates through and throughout the gay community that directly affects you, you and yes my reader you too. If you have not been a reader, then we welcome you to become a follower, subscriber and certainly a fan of Arkansas' only daily updating online forum. If you've been thinking about it, then most likely COP 24/7 is ready to talk about it!!  And now the 715....

The Number Games

Did we scoop the local press or was this just not "newsy" enough for those hugnry local news hounds? Well, I'm not sure but I'm begining to wonder why there is only health news when its bad news. You know, foodborne outbreaks in spinach, meat that the latest, cataloupe. Then we have those statistical information that causes most folks eyes go into the "deer in a head light" mode. Of course, it would seem that money news would be so much easy and perhaps a sort of feel good type of news that anyone would want to report. However, not only is that not taking place but I'm concerned that the health beat reporters are asleep at the wheel. Earlier this week there was news that HHS (Health and Human Servivces) announced that Arkanasas would be granted $8.3 million in HIV/AIDS funding from the recent funding cycle. According to ADH's Associated Branch Cheif Cathy Flanagin, this includes supplemental ADAP funding to address possible waiting list issues that are plaguing many jurisdictions across the country. So who would know? Where's the news conference? Where's the coverage? Where's the ADH Press Release or Media Advisory? Nobody got nothin to say about it?  Wouldn't this news at least be a beacon to consumers that there is still continuing funding in the pipeline for services while demonstrating that this funding is not adequate now or will be in addressing the  ebbing and flowing of this health delimma. Certainly this is of issue in lieu of the recent 3 city HIV Testing tour which tested upwards of 300 folks alone with possibilities of discovering postives yet undetermined. There in lies the "care paradox." Let's do the math shall we. You take over 4000 not in care,  times continued testing, with the square root of Governmental flat funding and divided by no state funding is the reason this equation will forcefully impact AIDS in Arkansas.

And Now a Political Minute from Joyce Elliot

Poltical stalwart and LGBTQ ally Joyce Elliot is running for State Senate is needing all of our help as she makes a bid for the that seat. Ms. Elliot has been visible as well as vocal on numerous issues related to the gay community and beyond. Her frankness and passion is unmatched when she takes a postion on an issue ranging from education, taxes and HIV issues. Her hard slog against to gain a U.S. Senate seat against Tim Griffin was a testament to her grit to take it to the next level as a solid represenative for the people of Arkansas. Even though that race wasn't realized, Ms. Elliot should be supported by the LGBTQ community as she will continue to be a force to be reckond with in the future. Check her out at  Don't forget that if you can't speak yourself, your dollars can speak for you louder!

Dear Friend,

Since I decided to run for re-election to the Arkansas State Senate, I have made it clear that I do not take my re-election for granted. I have worked hard for the constituents in my district, and I have continued to fight for the people of the state of Arkansas. My job is too important to me to sit by and hope that I do not draw an opponent. That is why I'm reaching out to you now to ask for your early support in my 2012 campaign.

The financial reporting deadline for the 2011 3rd quarter is September 30, and I would be so grateful for your contribution of $25, $100, or whatever you can afford up to the maximum of $2,000 per election. Your early support in this campaign will show any potential opponents that I am serious about working hard to seek re-election to the Arkansas Senate.
My willingness to work with all members of the Legislature while standing strong for what I believe in are important characteristics that make me an effective legislature. I will continue to dedicate my life to public service in our state and continue to work together to improve the lives of all Arkansans.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to working with you on this campaign.


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