Monday, September 26, 2011

The Rainbow Fringe and More

Yet another weekend has popped off and I almost clicked out before it got started. This ain't about no stinking violins playing the Whiner Symphony but sometimes beating a path to events, happenings and what have you in my hectic schedule does take it toll. However, even though I'm so fortunate to have health coverage including a PCP, when many do not.  I've got some reservations about the Medicaid train that has left the station due to arrive in 2014 that may have my head spining when trying to see the doctor. But I can't even think about that right because it's a damn shame that often when I need my own physician she's not available right now! Yet when it comes to me keeping my daily pace I'm usually not deterred to get some NP, MD or Voodoo Priest to get me back in the swing of things before my next scheduled round of events! Who the hell has time be sick?  Anyway I digress. Its Monday as COP 24/7 is fully medicated with our hand on the throttle to bring you what we've seen, who was who and what's really going on in case you missed it all. Let's go for it...!

Comedian Richardson Speaks
Every now and then COP 24/7 discovers nuggets that just have to make the cut in this forum. Sometimes I have to think about them twice, but usually if it strikes me just right I can call it from the jump. Enter, "" from local self styled comic slash entrepreneur, slash promoter, slash political commentator. Ladies and Gents and all those who haven't decided welcome to the world and mindset of Angie Richardson of Club Goodtimes fame. When this video clip and website crossed my radar, I was simply taken aback with the bravado and swagger that fills the content on the site although some of its actual information is rather dated to say the least. According to Richardson she's opened for comics such as Lavelle Crawford, Eddie Griffen and Rickey Smiley. What's missing from that pronouncement is the fact that she doesn't really say where, when or why she was particularly chosen for those shows. Furthermore she also touts herself as "Arkansas most gifted writer" as she proclaims to have exposed her life's experiences in her narrative, "I Have A Story to Tell." I didn't find this listed on and don't think it made any body's bestselling list, but of course "angie said that" and I assume we will have to take her word on this. Is there any book club that has read or is reading this bio? If so contact me, I'd love a peek at that story. Also she cites that "she's the host and creator of "Gay Pride" held annually in her hometown of Little Rock. Really? What I think she means to assert is her version of "gay pride" which occurs within the confines of her west end joint and outbound to other local TBD destinations of her choosing. I know that there's been skating parties, pageants and picnics of some sort. But I ponder the thought if there are references to the Stonewall riots or if Harvey Milk is ever mentioned during any of this "pride." Not to mention notable Black Gay pioneers such as Bayard Rustin, Lorraine Hansberry, Barbra Jordan or maybe Mandy Carter who should be highly profiled. Just sayin. Its been sometime since COP 24/7 has visited this haunt for various circumstances that we can't even began to explain, nevertheless it seems that despite it all "good times" continue to be had by all who embrace this atmosphere. In case you haven't checked out CGT, you have to at least once just to say that you can mark it off your bucket list. In the meantime check out this clip from  (Editors note: it's unedited, altered or censored. You can find so much more on )

HIV Tour 2011 A- Go-Go

This forum had intended to post information on the recent annual HIV Testing Tour that stepped off last Thursday thru Saturday commencing in Conway and ending in Texarkana. However, all the necessary info has not percolated or been sifted from onlookers, participants or organizers from those sites.  But COP 24/7 was on the scene during the UCA campus visit before the stormy skies blew in and over the site as at least 40 plus folks stood in the rain to be tested in the Jefferson mobile unit while others made a break for an inside destination. These were the remainder of what looked liked almost 100 plus people standing line to be registered prior to the wash out. In the meantime, the event came on the heels of another courtyard event that was scheduled to end at 2 pm giving Testing Tour participants a minimal set up time to prepare for a slated 2:30 pm begin time. Ouch! There was a DJ, performance artist, Frat steppers and other schedules activities scrambling to get it together amidst the infamous "flying by the seat of your pants or go with the flow" model that usually doesn't give one a good vibe about what's to take place. Of course with every good plan there will be something that goes awry and this first tour stop faced several challenges ranging from a separate testing unit unprepared for the road trip and sidetracked with "flat tires" an hour and half away from the site. To the chagrin of organizers, that mobile unit contained back up testing kits, incentives, other promotional  materials and most striking was beverages for the event who were treated to grilled hot dogs or burgers. Double Ouch! Oh did we say that it began raining but not raining men yet gave pause to the DJ and bringing everything else to an abrupt halt. However, some how folks stayed orderly in line to get tested and await results. I guess since they live on campus maybe they had nothing else to do on a rainy Thursday afternoon.  For just a bit of background, this event was apart of a collaboration with the Black AIDS Institute of LA among other entities whom through an association and 50 G's in funding from the Arkansas Health Department. The event is themed from their PR campaign, Greater Than AIDS, which is being used in other tours around the country. Folks from "LA" were on hand and were amazed at the testing response and what appeared to be our resilience to put it on despite it all, including the rain that just added to that feeling "you had to be their." As we sort through the details, pictures and back stories we will update all this week. Stay tuned because I'm sure there's more interesting items to share. A big shout out to Mr.JDL and JCM for keeping the CCI crew rocking and rolling during the tour and sticking it out even the rain. Big props to the team effort and mucho thanks!

Arkansas Minority Health Promotes

It happened again. The Arkansa Minority Health Commission went "concert" on us again September 16 featuring jazz stylist, Najee. AMHC was presenting this effort as a "fundraiser" for the Friends of The Mosiac Templars. Wow how does that work I wondered. Anyway, as reported by talk misstress, Helaine Willimans of the Democrat Gazette the evening appeared to be cute with folks dressed in their after five mixing and noshing on hors d'oeuvres from RSVP catering, sipping adult beverages from Glazer Distributors and Coca Cola for those designated drivers or those who don't endulge. The item didn't really state why this fundraiser was being held or was I to presume it was a support nod to semi-embattled Executive Director H.L Mc Gill who was almost booted from the post by internal haters who cited his tardiness in processing a "very important grant" all the while not being "very multi-tasking" oriented with answering those pesky "all important e-mails" sent from superiors. If I recall correctly, Gov. Bebee had to intervein in the dust up and paved the way for Mr. Mc Gill to get a mulligan and resume his duties. Even though Najee's performance surely soared throughout the evening as onlookers were filled with civic pride and "feeling healthy" as well. Again It seems that AMHC seems to be creating a niche for the organization with gospel concerts, comic shows, performance artist and now this jazz outing. So if they can "fund raise" for this entity, can they "fund raise" for other worthy CBO's NGO's or ASO's that could use a boost in their coffers as well? How about a evening with Wanda Sykes? No?  Hey I hear Tonex gives a rousing performance? No? Jenifer "Dreamgirl" Holiday is still available for about $10,000 and limited autographs? Crystal Waters is still touring or Rapper Tim'm West, he's got CD's, is from Little Rock and would love to show some civic pride complete with a savvy resume in tow. Anybody got any ideas? I think it would be just nifty to use some of those precious tobacco dollars that keep on giving in the LGBTQ community. Let the brainstorming begin because we are all ears for your opinions although AMHC may not be ready to step to the plate on this option.  

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