Monday, September 19, 2011

Breaking Forward

It came in a whirlwind but we road the winds with grace and focus as we navigated yet another weekend of neck braking activities and projects that fill the calendar. This forum is always stumped and damn near amazed at the consistent effort it takes to get folks "off the couch,  remove them from in front of screens, and out of the house to make these events pop. Surely we understand that economic conditions are playing havoc with many or any of that expendable cash flow, but goodness sake many events are free, no covers or what have you. Even more painful is the fact that so many folks keep chatting that "there's nothing going on in the city." Say what? Its really a two way street on this one, you've got to want to know what's going on then make some effort to get informed about the "who, what, when and where" for such events. This forum bust its ass to get it out there while trying to get it right the first time out. Note to community: there's much going on in the city, get involved, volunteer, make a donation, attend something, or at least do something. Of course it's still America and you're welcome to do nothing if you like but it would good if you are bored with life, it's up to you to do something about it. In the meantime, big props those who support the events as well as those who put together the activities created to inform, empower and educate.

The Final Bow 2.0

It's over and done, the Weekend Royalty event took off with a candidate's reception on  Friday evening at Sidetracks with association members mixing and mingling with locals and visitors. The club served up a nice mini-buffet as attendees enjoyed music and networking prior to candidates introductions. After early Saturday interviews, the competition continued in the evening at Triniti as candidates showed off the western wear and talent before an enthusiastic crowd. I was glad to know that despite some bumpy roads, road blocks and pot holes, the event sailed smoothly to conclude with a new royalty team for the next two year term. As producer of any event, you are always glad when your show steps off without too many mis-steps and it's even more difficult when you're at the center of the madness. Yet, I was able to enjoy a special moment while receiving a Community Service Award from my cohort, Mr. DSRA Jerry Lum. It was nothing short of special as Jerry paid tribute to myself to an unsuspecting audience with descriptive words and accounts that many had not known. As he spoke I realized that I had done much of what he spoke about and that I done all of it without much fanfare and as he stated "an unrecognized and un-credited hero of today." Much flashed through my mind as he continued that," speaking up and speaking out for those who do not know how and are less fortunate." Well said Mr. Lum. Those of us who choose to advocate, engage our political process, ignite our activism and put our shoulders to the wheel often do it without spotlight or ballyhoo. Over the last five decades its been a total learning journey which has taken me in many directions and numerous levels. Some have had said that I was doing "God's work" to which I've given some credence. As we never know what God has planned for our lives nor when he will send or call us to fill a ministry of his choosing. I pray everyday that if this is his will, then continue to prepare me to be the best that I can. However as I stood looking over the audience, I couldn't help but wished that more of the folks whom I target in this work were present. I've heard them state that they don't see role models and individuals who are moving in a positive vein that they can relate too. So here I was being honored while standing proud not among those who most needed to see this but rather those who may or may not need or adhere my agenda. Later I keep asking myself, where were my brothers and sisters to celebrate with me. Even though I've championed on behalf of all of the LGBTQ community, it seems that my outreach to those living the life in the African American community seems stifled or marginalize thusly leaving me to discern why. I've tired to analyze the approach, reviewed my stance while boldly rejecting the premise that "I'm not Black enough."  All of this gives me much pause but nevertheless I move onward and upward.  Have I done everything right? Probably not. Was I true to wanting to affect change? Most definitely.  Is there more work and need in Arkansas? Without a doubt.  In closing, what grabbed my heartstrings the most was the fact that this gentleman has only known me for about 2 years and was so moved by my work that he single handily decided that I needed to be recognized in this manner. Even though I'm not all about accolades and send ups, I do appreciate his insightful and obviously appreciation for what has been known by many of you that claim to know me or think you know me as "that thing that you do." Big thanks J. D., I truly appreciate it and will cherish it always!  

DADT gets Unplugged

Please join CAR, HRC, and the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network for a celebration of the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 6:00pm! And find out more about the work being done here in Arkansas. COP 24/7 posted an incorrect time for this event and wanted to set the record straight. This forum will make every effort to have our face in the place for this historic marker for service people around the globe. There will be light refreshments will be served. Call (501) 244-9690 or email for more information.
According to their web blast they look forward to celebrating this incredible moment in history with our fellow members and allies in the community! You can RSVP via the DADT Repeal Day Celebration event page on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=160908750662030
If you are interested in showing the media your enthusiasm about this decision you can bring signs and your smiling faces and let your fellow Arkansans see that EQUALITY matters to our lives.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 5:45am - 6:45am
U.S. Military Processing Station
1520 Riverfront Dr.
Little Rock‎ AR‎ 72202

If you've got personal introspectives, observations, opinions or editoral postions on this subject, COP 24/7 is ready to hear from you. This is an open forum for the LGBTQ community and beyond. Share it in our comment section.

A Call to Sign On

 The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc has signed on to the "Call to Action" from the Gay Men's Health Summit. The mission of the Summit being held July 20-21, 2011 in Washington D.C. on the campus of Geogre Washington University. Planning for the event is to address the continuing plight of HIV/AIDS while tackling a cadre of other health related dilemmas in the LGBTQ community and beyond. Nationally, gay health centers and clinics are seeking to offer more holistic approaches to health care for gay men, lesbians and transgenered persons. Groups locally such as the Arkansas HIV/AIDS Community Advocates and The Living Affected Corporation will also be signing on the online petition to support the programming the summit will offer and its linkage to the Internationl AIDS Conference also scheduled for the D.C. area. The steering committee is asking as many organizations sign on to this important venue seeking to coalesce around wellness and health. If you would like to sign on this letter, please use the following link.


Please sign on to the letter by Friday, September 30th.

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