Monday, September 05, 2011

Summer Rainbow Blazes

The last summer holiday of 2011 gives us all a time to reflect on the first half of the year as we prepare to go forth riding out the remainder of 2011. All of this in the face of the ongoing assault on labor unions and collective bargaining options of those employed. For the African American community, with a staggering unemployment rate of 16.7 percent labor day comes with mixed signals to say the least. Even as the Congressional Black Caucus moved about the country with job fairs trumpeted by Congresswoman Maxzine Waters (D-California) who has not held back her frustration with President Obama's response. In Arkansas according to the Bureau of Labor (The full BLS report can be read by visiting the following link: ) the rate falls closely to the national base at 16.5 percent, meanwhile Hispanics are averaging 7.9 percent. Later this week President Obama is scheduled to share his jobs plan with the nation on Thursday, just as other GOP candidates such as Mitt Romney has proposed lowering corporate tax rates, capital gains issues and enhancing states "right to work" initiatives. All of this is typical Republican Reagan dogma: advert paying taxes, claim that you are not making any money and attempt to keep workers on a short leashes with few rights. In case you didn't know, Arkansas is a "right to work" state, which means that those employed  at working on an "at will" situation that can allow them to be terminated with or without any cause. Thank God I studied those National Labor Law courses in college! Therefore along with the beaches, lakes and gatherings for the last summer throw down, be advised that Congress is back in town on Wednesday with a 82 percent disapproval rating. Its best that you make sure that you have your Representative on speed dial. COP 24/7 will add direct Capitol Hill links so you can always share your outrage with your law makers.

Interfaith Event in Little Rock to Mark 9/11 Sunday, September 11, 2011:

An interfaith event is scheduled in Little Rock's Clinton Presidential Center, 2.30 pm on September 11 to mark the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks of 2001. The event is titled "E Pluribus Unum -- From Many One."
It will include Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu leaders from the area and other invited guest.
Gov. Mike Beebe and Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola are to participate and UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson will preside.
The crowd will sing "America the Beautiful" and the event will be followed by a performance of "The Long Goodbye" by the students of Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School.
Both events are free. All this week COP 24/7 will post events, commentaries and observations surrounding the worst terrorist attack on American soil.
This 9/11 observance will follow closely after a 2PM event at the State Capitol.

Strengthening Arkansas: State of Identity

Organizers Southern Men's Alliance for Sexual Health and The Living Affected Corporation of the Strengthening Arkansas event October 15, 1-3:30 pm at the Downtown La Quinta Inn and Suites are working behind the scenes to assure that this ground breaking offering will reach a wider audience. COP 24/7 has joined that effort to share updates and breaking news about this empowerment session that will offer participant's a chance to dialogue on "what makes community and the who, what, when and where is my individuals place within it." As an outgrowth of concern from the CDC's Arkansas Team leader, local citizens also became concerned of the multi-generational disconnect stated by gay youth whom cited the lack of role models. The "State of Identity" platform is being planned to explore root causes, possible avenues of improvement while recognizing barriers and challenges. Self esteem and efficacy issues are also central to the discussion and the afternoon session will consist of "fast tracked" modules that will allow attendees to interact and extract "win-win" solutions. All of this activity is also supported by the forthcoming penned sign on,"Statement of Urgency," concerning Black Gay Men in Arkansas that will be deployed prior to the event.  It is open to citizens city wide and is FREE.  This programming is being offered as a public service from The National Association of Black and White Men Together,Inc, The Living Affected Corporation, Inc and SMASH. Stay tuned to this forum for updates, Call 501.612.2599 to share your interest or if you would like to contribute in-kind gifts, volunteer opportunities or contributions .

DSRA Royalty Competition

Save the Date, September 16- 17 for the annual Diamond State Rodeo Association's Royalty Competition Weekend. The event will began with Country Night at Sidetracks where current candidates will be featured throughout the evening. Interviews will take place on Saturday and the competition will proceed at Triniti, 1021 Jessie Road, Doors open at 8 pm and 9 pm start time. Current titleholder, Cassaundra Manchester, Miss DSRA 2010 will co-host with The Lady Champagne. Additional guest will include Mr. DSRA 2010, J.D. Lum, 1st Alternate, Marvella, Former Mr. DSRA Dan Scott, Mycha Michelle, Gigi Galore and special guest.   

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