Friday, September 23, 2011

The TGIF In the Streets Edition

We've been on a roll this week while trying to keep up with mail bag and those items that need to make the cut. O.K. we're not quite the Huffington Report with its fancy web page and legion of contributors or a savvy connected matriarch who recently "got paid" a hefty sum for her namesake entity. We are COP 24/7, on the prowl for the last 5 years and counting with hopes that we we've entertained, informed or empowered you as a reader some where along the way. If not, stay locked in with us as this forum keep hammering out everything from A to Z in the LGBTQ community and oh so beyond. Follow us, subscribe, e-mail connect or bookmark us to make sure that you are hearing about it first and foremost. Here's the challenge, this forum would like to get at least 50 followers within the next 30 days. Can we do it? Should we do it? Well, hell yes! Its so easy and allow us to make the case to possible advertisers that we got "eyeballs" too! Tell your friends that COP 24/7 needs everyone to check in and become followers or subscribers. Let's Do it Today!!

The Final Bow: Exit Stage Left

Alright a few of you felt that our "Final Bow" post was a bit lacking and I appreciate being reminded of other notable guidepost in being "Cassaundra Manchester." Thanks RW for the sound reminder that I had "emeritus" status as the one and only Miss Gay North Little Rock 2002-2003. As I look back on that "bittersweet" experience I learned numerous life lessons that have continued to mold me today. Talk about the surreal to a bowel full of unreal circumstances that marred the entire process which forced me to make choices and take stances that to this day I believe were correct. What probably bothered me the most was the lack of men in the state contest with "backbone" who in turn shared their thoughts with me personally but were cowards otherwise when it came to standing for what was "right" instead of what was being "produced." It all goes to what their mother should have told them, "you've got to stand for something or you will fall for anything." It takes big balls to be a real man. Thank you Mr. Mike F. for continuing to recount that magical evening each time you set eyes on me. When I hear "Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Gay NLR Emeritus..." I always know that you are in the house!!  Big shout out to ST for your support during my recent royalty reign and for just being a friend. I hope that I have returned the favor. I always know that you are just a phone call or e-mail away. Thanks to all of you who requested pictures, especially Alvin who proudly showcased my picture in his own "hall of fame." My gratitude to those of you who needed info on my erratic appearances and friends like James and Shawn who show up when they can.  And finally I would be remissed for not thanking my biggest fan ever, Mike  T. who traveled with me, carried bags, helped me get shoes on and shared private moments in my inner circle. You were always there from the beginning and have been a true loyal friend when the chips were down. You never let me walk alone and I thank you for that. And last but not least my life mate JCM who didn't really know about my alter ego, but embraced it fully and wildly applauded me not only because we shared a life together but because he always felt that I was really a true symbol of excellence no matter what any one thought or otherwise stated. So that should do it. There are so many other colorful characters that I could acknowledge but let's just say that I will always remember them especially every time I look to my remembrance wall in our home. Even though that entertainment era has ended, my schedule and body of work will continue to be a force to be reckoned with until the true final bow. Thanks for everything and Always be Loved!  


I was taken aback by many of you who said that you had not heard about the HIV Testing Tour that rolled out to Conway's UCA campus Thursday 9.22.11 through 9.24.11 ending up in Texarkana. Even though fliers and such were produced, for the life of me I just don't understand how these well produced announcement some how get marginal circulation or no circulation according to some. The problem of communicating with end users or consumers is a painstaking thorn that festers in the flesh of those producing these events. In case you did know and from all indications you don't, there's much taking place in the HIV/AIDS community from meetings to upcoming events. COP 24/7 was on the scene in Conway and we'll update you on Monday with the "in's and out's of this years motor testing in Arkansas. Stay tuned, you will not want to miss it.

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