Friday, September 02, 2011

The Backtalk Session Part Two

And the beat goes on...COP 24/7 continues its backtalk session on your comments, observations, e-mails and personal conversations. Let me began by saying that I enjoy the engagement and the "back and forth" that a few of you either post to this site or send messages. At one point I had decided not to post those "anonomoyous" posting since I believe that if "you've got balls to say it, then you need to own it." I been perfectly clear that almost no topic is off the table in this forum. There are so many issues, dilemmas, subjects and controversies that are ripe for robust discussion on this platform as well as other mediums that offer that opportunity. So, if you got something to say, then by all means take the bull by the horns and throw your bull chip, if you dare. Ain't nobody scared up in here and you can be assured that if you bring some, be prepared to get some. With that said, let be about it....

Bug Chasing in "The Gift"

Earlier this week I was sent a link from a NABWMT brother who had participated in the documentary, The Gift which speaks to those individuals who submit themselves to the hopeless notion of being infected by someone with HIV. According to these indiviudals they have somehow surmized this as a misguided "rite of passage" to a sense of acceptance. As out of bounds as it seems, believe it or not, it's real. The video that COP 24/7 posted was merely a section lifted from our link partner, YouTube and it was not the entire feature. One reader posted that the video was one-sided and flawed citing that no one involved with the practice actually appears in that section. This may be so, but again that posting was merely only a section of the enitre production. The rest of the video was available on YouTube that would have offered a more indepth understanding to that post. In all fairness, I assumed that those interested and a few of you were interested enough to ask, that readers would go to the site and search "bug chasing or The Gift." Unforutanely the mistake made by COP 24/7 was to have provided a either a link or perhaps a clarification. In hindsight, I believe that posting the video was important, stirred thought patterns and supported a "teachable moment" for many who viewed it in disbelief. COP 24/7 strives to research, discover and deploy viable information in our campaign to inform, educate and empower. Thanks for watching and look for more video links and postings. Got suggestions, then share them in our comment section.

Outreaching to the Reverend AL

Its been about 3 months and counting since there was an outreach letter forwarded by LA Corp CEO, D. Levi to Rev. Al Sharpton concerning HIV/AIDS challenges and the political atmosphere from which local activist and advocates find themeselves. It was an earnest and searing letter that sought a reply from Rev. Al as well as solicited his possible personal intervention to the situation. Fast forward to the present and as far as we know, Rev. Al hasn't phoned home or anyone from the National Action Network which is his signature entity. What has happened is that Rev. Al himself is now too busy being a bonafide TV talk show personality featured on his new show Politics Nation on MSNBC. Shaprton's wit and wisdom has garnered him his own "electronic bully pulpit" to eschew or rather "chew" on all those that he wishes. His bite during the show allows him to spar with conservatives and newsmakers who are being called out on their opinions. Even though Sharpton follows the basic formula for such shows with supportive guest vs a adversary, he's bound by the telepromoter and time frames that only give him moments for his colorful off the cuff retorts. It's interesting TV if you want to watch it. Yet, his new career move has not gone unscathed with rasied eyebrows from some black journalist who have cited that a "real" journalist should have been approached for the spot. Then there's Sharptons ill-fated crusades from the Twanna Brawley incident to his flame throwing rhetoric during the Crown Heights riots some 20 years ago. So now we have to speculate why there's been no possible outreach from Sharpton. Did he get the actual letter and wasn't to busy being a media mogul to read it or did the local issues of a small southern city simply not meet the criteria for attention from such national figure such as Sharpton. We may never now exactly, but meanwhile it appears that local activist and advocates will have to do so some strategic planning and fundraising on their own and not wait for "Superman" or "Mighty Mouse" to save the day.

Pride in the City: What's the 411, 911 or 311?

Pride 2011 and all those sub-prides such as Little Rock Black Pride or the Club Goodtimes Pride have come and gone. Do you remember anything about any of it? Did you participate in any of the activities or events that took place? Well did you?  In case you did, then bravo and if not let's hear from you as to why not. But as we await that chatter, COP 24/7 would like to extend to everyone connected to those efforts  a "attaboy" from our vantage point, however with that said we believe that we need to hit the "houston we've got a problem," button.  What's the problem you ask?  Of course, this city has many issues that are as anoying as a pack of barking parmerainians following you throughout the day. You've talked about them over and over, so let's go through them once again for the record. There's No local gay oriented publication, No gay ghetto's such as Dallas's Cedar Springs, Houston's Montrose or Las Vegas's Fruit Loop. And lastly but not least, something called a "gay community" which no one has defined. Putting all of that aside, then we get back to the pride issue which at one point had a singular group handling the planning but met with demise in the last few years. COP 24/7 has done all the finger pointing that it's needed to do, rose to the occassion in 2009 with co-sponsorhip and now is pondering what's the fate or scope of this yearly event. Shouldn't Little Rock be able to produce something more than wet this, underwear that or turnabout whatever? In the past there have been a slew of ideas and suggestions. Some went well while others fell flat. But nevertheless, surely if the ball can get rolling early, only dedicated folks come to the table to make it happen and engage the local networks to support the vision, 2012 could step off in a new direction. Anybody game for that big ass idea or is it going to be the same ole same old. You've been challenged, now what you gonna do!  Hit us up with your comments in our comment box.

Want to Register for the Fall 2011 Midland Regional click it to It's a weekend of diversity, fun, food and empowerment sponsored by the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. Need hotel reservations contact: 501.374.9000 code: NABWMT valued priced rooms until 9.23.11

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