Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Periscope Tuesday

The dog days of summer are slowly ushering us all into a fall sense of being. As the heat subsides and cooler weather finds it way back to the area, this forum keeps churning it out with the latest updates, breaking news, opinion and items that COP 24/7 believes may impact your lives and our communities. If you are not following us, then why the hell not! If you check out our Live Traffic feed you will discover that COP 24/7 is being tracked from De Queen, Arkansas stateside all the way to Auckland New Zealand! How's that for going global. Who new that this little media experience would be of interest literally around the world and then some. Is E.T. checking in next? As we wait for the extraterrestrial touch down, we sojourn onward and upward. Keep it locked and loaded to COP 24/7!

One Stop Shop HIV/AIDS

For HIV/AIDS consumers searching for health care linkages can be a daunting task if additional barriers persist such as transportation, remote locations, rural distances or other circumstances that could impede an individual to access care. In response to these cases, many cities are adopting the "one stop shop" health care model which allows clients to receive needed services in a setting that combines numerous medical opportunities ranging from initial testing to labs. The CDC ( Centers for Disease Control) is robustly promoting the premise "treatment as prevention" angle as another tool in the arsenal to fight HIV/AIDS. During The Living Affected/ NWA Advocacy conference held in March, end users cited that "connecting the dots" in the care pathways has been problematic and requires distinct attention from those agencies whom offer such outlets. Advocates and activist have listed this dilemma among the priorities that will prevent clients from falling through the medical cracks. For some newly infected, the "pathway" appears to be still somewhat confusing as well as frustrating when determining how to navigate the systems to care. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a dedicated data base or stream that is accessible on line. There is a dizzying array of websites covering subjects from A to Z. At this time COP 24/7 is researching the net to assess if there is a designated site with provider information for consumers also we will be listing local providers in a future post. Recently local physician Dr. Sonya Peppers M.D. has announced Comprehensive Care Clinic in Sherwood. Her clinical services will be developing the "one stop shop" model and is now open to accepting new patients. Her clinic will be offering a non-threatening "holistic" approach to treating patients from the LGBTQ community and beyond. Check out her website at www.compcareclinic.com or call for an appointment: 501.568-4164. Be sure to tell them you heard it first!
Additional links: www.healthy.arkansas.gov/programservices or www.livingaffected.org

Philander Launches Gay/Str8 Alliance

As students returned to classes last month, what was taking place at Little Rock's Philander Smith College was what the young set holla as "off the chain." Enter, the campuses Gay/ Str8 alliance entitled "Be You", a first for the Methodist based institution. According to the group's President Trey," we wanted to offer a group that would bring all students together on the campus and allow us to further understand each other."  Another co-supporter, Le Ron cited that the group had met in a small gathering to talk about creating the organization and getting support from campus officials. After that meeting, it was decided that the name, "Be You" worked to cover everyone. He pointed out the lack of "male presence" at the launch but was hopeful that other men both straight and gay would eventually join in.  A 5 member board has been established and a set of planned activities include a Drag Show, movie night featuring the DVD, "Paris is Burning," and a topical open forum. The group kicked off their effort with a Dessert Social catered by schools F& B department which highlighted assorted pies, cakes, fruits and puddings. Community support was landed by ADH Outreach Coordinator, Willie R., Living Affected staff members and invited guest. Schedules and future developments will be posted in this forum. COP 24/7 congratulates PSC's "Be You."

Meetings A-Go-Go

Often COP 24/7 receives backtalk from citizens whom state that they don't know what's going on in the city and by the time they find out it's passed. REALLY? This forum now in it's 5th year has done its damnest to post items, links, updates, breaking news and anything else we can find to keep not only our readership informed but to full fill our commitment as Arkansas' only daily updating portal.  Now that we've put that out their, the best way to stay informed is to "plug in" to this forum by subscribing to our secured email gadget which will send you fresh updates as they are posted. Yes its just that simple. Need to know then take a moment, drop that addy and let us do the rest. Your e-mail is not shared, sold or offered to any third parties. Now here's some updates...

The Community Advisory Board will meet by teleconference this Thursday, September 8, 2011, 11AM -NOON, DEBBIE HOST, 1-866-217-3840, CODE 0024764#
The upcoming ARCPG (Arkansas Community Planning Group) meeting to be held at the Arkansas Department of Health in the auditorium from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, September 9, 2011.
 Toll free: 1-800-390-5809 Toll: 1-719-785-1724
 Passcode: 501 661 2466

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact Courtney Hampton (501-661-2749) or Willie Rhodes (501-661-2762).

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