Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Overdrive

What can we say here at COP 24/7. It's fast and furious as we racked them up and bust out another mash up of the latest goings on in the world around us. The inbox is overflowing with this and that and a whatchama call it e-mail that might or might not make the cut. But, nevertheless we're doing our damnest to get it all out there and a kitchen sink too if we can. So, no time for small talk, let's go get em...

To Tax or Not to Tax

It seems that as the votes tallied up and the smoke cleared, the mobilized tax brigade has pulled out the recent citywide tax increase with a sizable 54 percent to 46 percent margin over those who opposed the effort. The two measures will set in motion a local 1 percent sales tax increase that according to all those materials that stuff my mailbox with options of new CAT routes, expanded Little Rock Port, 36 new firefighters, 52 new Police officers, increased code enforcement, replace a 25 year old emergency communications system and all types of other promised city goodies. Also included in the laundry list of needs will be those new sidewalks that Director Walker has kept front and center even before there was a mention of a vote. When I went to my local polling place, there was no line and no fuss in getting in and out to do my civic duty which I value. As a citizen its each and every one's "duty" to cast your vote on the issues of the day. Even though some 22,000 voted, the official numbers had not been released at posts time. However, when I asked around in an informal lavender poll, I was taken aback that many of you out and about who seemed to be clueless to this vote. Was I surprised? Not hardly, since it appears that matters of this nature or perhaps its sad to say that any significant issue doesn't ring the "Pavlov" bell for many of the LGBTQ set. In the meantime, this 3/8ths for Capital improvements and 5/8th for City Operations is in place and will began in 2012 with the coffers getting a boost around the end of the first quarter. I guess that all those Annie Abrams commericals asking  folks for one "penny" worked while all those "X" defaced signs in my neighborhood didn't make a difference but sure took someone one hell time to do them all. Now come get them and let's move on with our supposedly "safer neighborhoods and more jobs." We'll be watching and waiting for all of these promised projects to roll out with those collected pennies.

DADT in the City

Next week the "Don't Ask- Don't Tell," better known as DADT is suppose become a thing of the past. President Obama and cohorts signed off back in June while enduring  the addition of that quirky 90 day observation period to make further determinations on whether there would be "disruptions of some sort." All the way to the point that Thursday, October 20 will finally end DADT . The Service Members Legal Defense Fund has a listing of all the activities taking place across the country including a listed event here in Little Rock hosted by the Center for Artistic Revolution, 11 am to 1 pm, 800 Scott Street. Emily Sussman is the point person listed as organizing the "Celebrating the end of DADT."  SMLD has served as a entity to support enlisted service people who have been subjected to the archaic rule and offers services including legal advice. According to its website, there is an advisory to all service people to not disclosed their preferences until after the official deadline has transpired. The site has a listing of gala, rallies and all means of celebration around the end of this policy. For more info hit em up at  (1.800.538.7418)  or if you want to get in on the local planning call those what appear to be busy folks at CAR: 501. 244.960.    

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