Thursday, February 07, 2008

Black HIV/AIDS in Arkansas 2008

In an effort to share the dearth of information available around HIV/AIDS and African Americans/Blacks, CorneliusOnpoint is sharing the information from the Black AIDS Day portal which has uploaded to their server or provided links to key publications and reports that assist in providing a backdrop to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Black America and other parts of the world. After checking their website, and surveying area organizations, I am proud to announce that this forum will be one of the few local mediums to acknowledge Black HIV/AIDS Day 2008 in Arkansas. What's up with that? Where's the step up or is this just more of the disconnect/complacency attitude that continues to grip the local Black GLBTQ community? Hello-Somebody? Anybody?

Why We Can't Wait: The Tipping Point for HIV/AIDS Among African Americans
A Turning Point: Confronting HIV/AIDS in African American Communities
Link to CDC page HIV/AIDS - African Americans -
Order CDC HIV/AIDS Publications for the General Public -
CDC HIV/AIDS Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports -
CDC Recommendations and Guidelines -
CDC Fact Sheet - HIV/AIDS among African Americans -
CDC HIV/AIDS Surveillence Reports -

Many of the publications may be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download the software program for free. If you decide to print this material, pass it on to someone who may need the education.

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