Friday, February 22, 2008

It's getting rough out there, in here and some more!...

Rough you say? Baby, it's rough all over and then some! In the last 24 hour news cycle we've been broadsided with a mini-McCain-gate, The Obama Lexicon in full effect, Scrappin Hillary, Enter the Super Delegates, and President Bush bustin a move in Africa! Whew! No wonder honest Abe Lincoln is screaming! And it ain't over yet because I'm throwing down my special take on local happenings and non-happenings in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Get ready, get set, let's go get em.....

Return to Sender: This year's political mash up has been shored up with piles of cash and I mean semi- truck. However, my interest was piqued by a recent Arkansas Stonewall Democrats treasurer's report which cited that it's PAC (political action contributions) donations to some area 2007 candidates were not used, went uncashed and have been subsequently "nulled and voided" by the organization. Can you imagine a political candidate "not wanting free cash?" Well, it's true and of course we are going name names while exploring the lavender political landscape in Arkansas. Yall come back, ya hear....

Circling the Waggons: the Arkansas Family First Coalition apparently is in overdrive trying to raise more working capital to defeat the impending ballot initiative sponsored by the Family Council. The group is seeking to raise $50,000 to fund focus groups and polling studies as an offense to the well organized conservative group which has had a steady fundraising activity since annoucning it's intentions. I checked out their website only to see that this entitiy has a weekly $500 dollar goal, complete with online donation forms and links to Church kits, petitions and guide books. Talk about serious organizing? The Church kit contains, talking points, messages for pastors and other promotional ideas. According to a site blurb, they state that "churches are perfectly free to take part in this sort of effort." They left out the parts about seperation of chruch and state per their "non profit status" which precludes them from influencing legislation. O.K. maybe it was just an oversight...? Take a gander to see what they are up too. I believe that it's imperative that keeping a steady eye on the opponents tactics is a good offensive move. Here's the link,

Pride in the City Update: In previous post I reported that this years' Pride activites would be cancelled and such. Also,there had been inquires as to the status of those funds raise prior to that announcement. Board member Joe L set the record straight with a comment( which is posted) asserting that the funds would be divested to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation earmarked for HIV testing. O.K. now that that's cleared up, it seems that there are plans for Pride activites in Fayetteville and the yet as unannounced yearly Conway festival. But, despite an unofficial organizational blow out, I feel confident that area watering holes will set in motion their own brand of celebrations and you never know what CorneliusOnpoint will be up to. Or you can get your pride on in Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Hotlanta, Nashiville, St. Louis, Dallas or make your own pride statement.

White House Rainbows: Even though November hasn't rolled around nor has the primary season completed it run, the hunt for new employees at the White House is in full affect. The Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute, the Human Rights Campaign, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Stonewall Democrats have formed The Presidential Appointments Project. Who Knew?
In a statement the groups said that the effort will be non-partisan. It is aimed at "growing the pool of openly LGBT professionals who would be qualified and ready to accept politically appointed positions in the next presidential administration."
"Our goal is to make sure all Americans have an equal voice in their government," said Chuck Wolfe, president of GLLI.
The Presidential Appointments Project will identify, recruit and vet openly LGBT applicants for thousands of executive branch positions that will be filled with political appointees after the next president is sworn in the organization said in the statement.
GLLI worked with the second Clinton administration to identify gays and lesbians who were qualified to serve the president.
Potential appointees who are openly LGBT can submit an application through a special Web site created for the project:

Spring Fling A-Go-Go: Dont' you just love spring? Well, so do I and I've been in talks with my sounding board about possibly throwing a Spring Fling Mix-Down in May at a local venue. I keep hearing from community segments that are in search of something new or special. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but I'm open to ideas, options and suggestions. If you want to throw your two cents on the table, then let's hear from you today. The tenative date is May 3, 2008. We'll see what falls out of the hat...

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