Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's getting rough out there, in here and more...Part 2

I'm not a real fan of the WWF, but it looks like there are plenty of smackdowns going on all around the place. The national political cycle featuring the Bouncing O and In to Win It Clinton has tounges wagging, heads bobbing, folks weaving and others just teaming with anticipation. Can you feel it? Perhaps not, but I tell you that the electricity is in the air and I'm not talking about lightning from the recent storms. Ladies and Gentlemen..it's getting rough out there, in here and more...

Funding AAF: It's been a bit since we've posted anything about the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, formally known as ConsortiaCare. In case you didn't know that, you wouldn't be the first. Anyway, the organization continues to exist in some form or fashion, although in my opinion it's structural clarity resembles a Salvador Dali creation. In the meantime, apparently the group is poised to begin the 08 version of "benefit-a-go-go." First up, A Prayer Breakfast: The Power of Praying Women coming together to conquer HIV/AIDS, March 28, Tickets are $25.00 Also scheduled per it's website, June 7, White Party - Red Heart Fundraiser and June 14, AIDS Walk 2008. Yet, at this posting from their website, the locales of these outings have yet to be determined. Now really!? Therefore, in the name of that all important "clarity" that I mentioned, it's not exactly "clear" what's really going on, again. As a side note from the what were they thinking file, I was made aware of a slight planning brouhaha connected with AIDS Walk 2008. It seems that some of the organizers proposed to assess a nominal fee to PWA's who wanted to particpate in the upcoming walk. As I understand, this thought process got the cold shoulder and a resounding "we're not having it" accented with two snaps in a circle. I've got great idea for this group, find a producer that could make a reality show of the organization's inner workings. Let's call it: Being ConsortiaCare: Unplugged. Ummmmm? Kinda got a ring to it. For more info, check it yourself at http://www.araidsfoundation.org/

Campus Activism 08: The 2nd Annual Arkansas Queer Coalition Conference will be held on April 4-5, 2008 on the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway, Arkansas. The conference is hosted by the University of Central Arkansas Gay-Straight Alliance, PRISM.More information on registration and workshop schedules will be posted closer to time. Registration will begin on April 4 at the UCA Student Center. Just as I was reviewing this E- blast, I was intrigued with another post from ardent activist, Randi Romo concerning the communities overall active interest in the adoption ballot initiative being pushed along by the Family Council. Romo who has devoted much time to local issues chided, Rainbow Utopia members and anyone else for that matter, about what she believes to be complacency and apathy regarding human rights issues in Arkansas. I'm no stranger to this position as well as understand her frustration. The emotion and passion of her statement was ripe for a doubletake. It's unedited and unfiltered.

From the RU Yahoo group post (2.1.08)

I'd kinda like to know why no one is talking about what is going right here and now in Arkansas??

The Family Council is now collecting signatures to enact another mean spirited and discriminatory law against LGBTQ and some straight Arkansans... national political picture is certainly of serious consideration. ..but what does it take to get folks moving and working for their own rights right here???

Neither group, this one or the lesbian group has touched this issue when I have posted it. It's hard for me to believe that almost 300 people are completely apathetic to their own rights...many of us may not want to adopt or provide foster care, that's fine...but if this passes, it's another nail in our ever having equal rights...and it's a good bet they will use this law as a precedent on custody cases where one parent is lesbian or gay....

yes, life is busy, sometimes downright hard, brutal and difficult... and it's true that justice efforts have never been easy...it takes time and committment, it takes money...but, is it really true that no one reading this cares about stopping Jerry Cox???

sometimes it feels like beating my head on a brick wall


A Delegating We Go: I've launched the ChipIn widget to facilitate our in-kind contribution effort to support me in my foray towards being a delegate to the DNC in Denver this August. Our goal is $2500.00 culminating by July 1, 2008 toward offsetting travel transportation, lodging, per diem and ground modes while in attendance. Thanks to some pre-support, I've completed both filing stages and now look forward to the Special Convention in March. I will capture the entire process in this forum including podcating and other content. Just click the ChipIn icon, show your support and your contribution will be sent through the secured Paypal platform. If you've got other ideas of in-kind support such as donating frequent flyer miles or hosting an event, I would love to hear from you. Will you join me in making this drive successful? Chip in Today!

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