Thursday, February 21, 2008

Twista Thursday

By golly, this year is moving along in slip stream motion with shifts in high gear that keep me buzzing daily. The news cycles runneth over with everything, anything and sometime a bit of nothing to boot. But, I continue to sift through the noise and hullabaloo to flesh out as much real news, thoughtful commentary, video, and queeries from our unique prospective. This outing is not different as we unleash a the items that made the cut on this Twista Thursday.

Center for the Community?: I mentioned in my last post about the prospects of locals attempting to put together a "community center" as an off shoot of their virtual online presence. Since putting it out there, many of you have E-noted me with questions and observations. It's great that something strikes a chord every now and then. Now for more clarity both past and present. Beleive it or not, I floated this idea quite a few years ago, fought hard for it, lobbied for it and had vision that a gathering place other than within the confines of a bar was esssential. Yet, at that time, the planets just didn't line up and nor did much broadbased support. I've said it before and here it is again. "Cohesive support, financial committment and solid leadership," has been the nexus of why much within the LGBTQ community in this city hasn't been moving forward. For goodness sake, this fourm is the only daily produced outlet and I'm finding it difficult to get linked for unknown reasons(?), get interviews because no one wants to be on the record, develop local partnerships or garner more response from those sitting in your lazy boys. With that said, according to a ARU ( Arkansas Rainbow Utopia) post ( yes, the group that was talking about ceasing their online group due to lack of "participation???") this is what's up with the latest incarnation of this idea: " Angie Bowen, is developing an on-line counseling service as a first step, with the ultimate goal being a physical counseling center associated with a community center. Check out this web site: web site doesn't tell the whole story of the community center; that's my job. This center will be a drop-in center, a place to hang out during the day & evening. My vision is to have various outreach & activities programs, among them a Seniors Program (my personal favorite), an AIDS outreach program, a Trangendered outreach program, possibly a library, an Information Line, and other kinds of activities. Angie has been in contact with a national organization of community centers, sort of a clearinghouse of information & training. We have begun researching grant funding. We are in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status, which means we need bylaws, and a Board of Directors.All of that means that we need bodies & minds, with various talents, to help us get this center off the ground. Specifically, at this time, we are looking for a grant writer, a fundraiser, and a marketing person. We're also looking for people to be on the Board, to help us get officially organized. if you have any experience in or knowledge of, these areas, or know someone who has, please contact me at this email address: : cjrowley1@comcast. net." No hating here, just hopeful, keeping it real and always on Point. Got something for me, I'm here and waiting.

GOD & GAYS Intersecting: Need a interesting eveinng of an intellectual and emotional examination of the intersections of Christianity and Homosexuality. Then, here's a chance to share your opinion and feel the vibe of those likeminded. This blast came across my desk and I wanted to push it along the information pike to our readers. What I found most interesting was the high school alliances that will be particpating and how fortune it these young people are to have such an entity. As an Alum of Parkview, no such group exisited in those years. But somehow, I survived. Kudos to those trailblazers and best wishes on their efforts. Unfortunately, I can't make the event due to prior obligations but I encourage everyone to check it out. Then share your toughts here, first!!
Friday, February 29, 2008 6:30pm
800 Scott St.
Inside the First Presbyterain Church

Diaolog after the film: Mary Lou and Bob Wallner, one of the families featured in the film will be speaking. Mary Lou's daughter committed suicide after a long struggle with her family's refusal to accept her based on their religious beliefs.

Presented in collaboration with: Central High School's Gay/Straight Alliance, Parkview High School's Gay/Straight Alliance and DYSC, Diverse Youth for Social Change, a program of the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR

For more information contact: 501-244-9690 or email:

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ARLGBTQ said...

Cornelius--I am the aforementioned idealist who is interested in starting this latest incarnation of a community center.

I read that you have received some observations and questions regarding this. It would be helpful to us if you could pass them on so that we can further the dialog and make this a center for the entire community.

We would also like to discuss the ideas you had...

Thank you!