Friday, February 08, 2008

Fallout Friday, Me & U

Let's face it folks. This ball of confusion that we reside upon is whirling round and round with or without any help from any of us. Each day seems to be filled with mood swings that range from triumph to tragedy as well as anything that can be worked in between. I don't know about you, but in the meantime I'm holding on as if my life literally depends on it. And actually it does. Just this week Super Bowl manifesto's for death, City council rampage, Mother Nature strikes back and thunderdome politics continues. What a week and it's only 37 days into 2008. Boy, can you imagine how the rest of year will stack up. Let's not think about it right now. Instead, let's go free falling, but staying Onpoint....

A Delegating we Go: It's done! I've officially filed as a candidate for the ballot at the Special State Democractic Meeting (March 8) in search of being a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, August 2008. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to perhaps make my own bit of history while history was in the making. Of course, I've got to contend with others who are also vying for the chance, however I'm determined to give it my best. With this in mind, I'm asking each of you to do your best by supporting me with donations to help offset our convention expenses. I've set up a secured "Chip In " widget on this site to help facilitate this effort as we press toward a goal of $2500.00 by July 1. Each donation will be handled through the Paypal platform. These funds would serve as access to transportation, lodging, ground transportation and daily per diem. Can I count on you for your support today?

Legislating Parenting: Remember the Family Council which wanted to protect the children from all those gays who perhaps wanted to serve as foster parents or adopt. Well, they've been busy as bees re-writing proposals, gathering signatures and fundrasing. Meanwhile, spewing "anti-everything" rhetoric. Enter: Arkansas Families First, a statewide coalition of community leaders opposed to the proposed foster care and adoption ban in Arkansas, announced an Election Day effort – "Stand Up For Kids". The effort will feature volunteers urging fellow Arkansans not to sign petitions that would put an initiative on the November ballot that would restrict Arkansans' ability to adopt and serve as foster parents.

Members of Arkansas Families First will be at polling sites in more than 20 Arkansas communities to educate voters about why they should refuse to sign petitions for the proposed ballot initiative that restricts foster-care and adoption of parentless and neglected children. I early voted and didnt' see any of this activity, but I saw an E-blast seeking volunteers to place yard signs and other participation. At this posting, I haven't heard about any results, but we will update as soon as we get an update.

"In today's world there are too many threats on the well being of our state's children, too many children in need of healthy and loving foster and adoptive homes" said Dr. Eddie Ochoa, President of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. "The federal government has continued to criticize our state for the shortage of adoptive and foster care homes. We can't afford to limit the number of stable homes for kids in need or to let kids fall through the cracks when there are qualified and caring households with open doors to serve."

Jennifer Ferguson of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families added that, "the reality is that we already have too many children without good homes, and this proposal will leave even more children waiting for a loving home. We hope Arkansans will decline to sign the petitions for this ill-conceived and harmful initiative."

Arkansas Families First is a statewide grassroots organization created to advocate on behalf of children. It includes the Arkansas chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Arkansas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, the Inter Faith Council, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, and Just Communities of Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Psychological Association, the ACLU of Arkansas, the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, the Center for Artistic Revolution, and the Stonewall Democrats.

No Pride in the City: According to the current, Velocity, newsmag of the Center for Artistic Revolution, Joe LaFontaine has annouced that the board of directors have decided to cancel this years pride event ususally held in June. LaFontaine cited an overall lack of interest and volunteers despite 2007's RiverMarket event. Also he stated that no new board members or committee people came forth to help formulate plans which resulted in this decision. In previous post, I've mentioned that Pride events across the nation have been in decline and suffering from a lack of donors, volunteers, vision and ballooning budgets as well as deficits. The status of Arkansas' pride has never been on sure footing, always plauged with trials and tribulations, that would eventually result in it's ultimate demise. This forum was supportive of Pride 07 but stood firm despite being accused of asking probing questions or operational observations. My question, "where are those folks who wanted to take me task for aksing the hard questions?" O.K. With all that said, is this it people, if not, and you got two cents to say about it, then make it known to us first, of course, or
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