Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Raging the Machine Onward

Good Gobbley Gook! Are you on political overload yet? Well, last evenings Super Tuesday which was overshadowed by a multi-hour power outage at my home sent me into a OMG moment, while awaiting the elections results. But, never mind that Mother Nature was having her say by hurling severe weather all over the Mid-south. The 24/7 news cycle was in overdrive with talking heads galore, therefore I was updated within minutes of the power resuming. Is this a race or what? The Bouncing O vs the Hill Force 1 keeps uping the ante of taking it to the next level. In the back of my mind I keep wondering,"can the nation take it until a nominee is decided, then can we stand the heat until November? Yikes! O.K. I've exhaled and now I'm moving on to registering to run as a delegate to the Democratic Convention in Denver. Today I will be filing my forms and fees for this once in a lifetime event that I'm proud to be apart of the process. In previous post, I mentioned that I would be seeking your support and encouragement to have a diversity presence as mandated by the DNC platform. I have decided to add a ChipIn widget to this site seeking those who would like to donate to offset the expenses to the August convention. Any and all denomination would be greatly appreciated. I struggled with this concept, but decided to try this fundraising form as a means for those who would like to show their in-kind support within their busy lives. I've not set a goal for this fund, however, all the contributions will go to provide access to transportation, lodging, and per diem. If you have other ideas of supporting this effort, then contact us. In the past I've raised questions about local fundraising and it's ultimate impact within the community. Yet, my funding outreach is based on putting our precious resources in play within constructs that could have long range benefits, hopefully "dominoing" into other viable connections. If I'm elected to be a delegate, you can be assured that your support will be evident and accountable. This platform is secured via Paypal and no information will be shared or sold from this fourm. Will you donate today?

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