Monday, February 25, 2008

Election Cycles A Go-Go...

Yes we have been swamped with the current election cycle with it's high profile cast of characters, swaths of issues that most likely will not really be addressed, and the high dollar cost of reaching one the highest seats of power. Despite "Big picture" politics there are dilemmas and political musing on a local level that warrant our attention as well. In this posting I'm spotlighting some those aspects and candidates of a local color which are forging into the body politic of central Arkansas.

Return to Sender: In our last outing, I alluded to a recent ASD ( Arkansas Stonewall Democrat) treasurers report that cited that funds from it's ASD PAC ,which 2007 donations made to area candidates had gone unused or uncashed by recipients. I thought to myself, "you're kidding right? No sir. The report included both the familiar and obscure, such as Rep. Shane Broadway, Norith Ellison, and Steve Breedlove. Can you imagine a political candidate not needing some cash? Is it really possible that each of these candidates coffers was so flush that they didn't need an extra big headed hundred? I think not. Certainly it's the right of any candidate to reject a donation for any reason, but in my caustic opinion this cash snub has questionable overtones and should ring the bell loudly within the GLBTQ community on many other levels. Even more puzzling to me is why this info wasn't release promptly and what will be the process this election cycle. Ultimately, this scenario is a tell tell sign that local politicos feel that can diss us as well as dismiss us without recourse. Want another bell ringer, keep reading this post.

Sullivan Watch: I was pleasantly surprised with the candor and depth of knowledge of local attorney Gary Sullivan who is bidding for District Judge. Mr. Sullivan was the guest speaker last week at the monthly ASD meeting among his many stops during his campaign swing. "I'm here to ask you for your vote for 3rd Division district judge," said Sullivan during his opening. Subsequently qualifying himself for the post by outlining his accomplishments and judicial experience which is extensive. Among his cases was the notable overturning of the Sodomy Law filed on behalf of the then known as Arkansas 7. He's done pro bono work, served on several local board of directors and been in private practice for 15 years. He spoke about the parameters of the court which oversees code enforcement issues among others. "If I'm elected I plan to close my law practice," he said, "because I believe that if the position is full time then the people should have a full time judge." As for that bell ringer that I spoke of, Mr. Sullivan told the group that in his search for consultants to assist him with his campaign, he stated that at least one professional told him "not to bother with seeking anything from the gay community." Even though Sullivan declined to name that individual, he soundly asked the group to help prove that impression as "wrong," by rallying the GLBTQ community out in numbers. Citing that the election is May 20, Sullivan reiterated that "every vote counts...I don't want to loose by one vote." From my vantage point, Sullivan would make an excellent choice for this position and his passion for the welfare of this city resonated with me. He's got my vote and I hope that many more of you will rock the vote for Gary Sullivan. I'm 100% sure that he would be grateful for a donation from any group or individual. I think he's a winner! Need more, check out his website at

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