Monday, February 11, 2008

Speaking Volumes, Again...

Well here I am again, back at the boards. updating and uncovering breaking news, commentary, video, links and everything else from the rainbow spectrum and beyond. I didn't even know where to begin this outing, so we'll just dive in head first. Are you ready?...O.K., Let's go get em!

Pride in the City: Last outing I posted a blurb from Velocity, the CAR (Center for Artistic Revolution )newsmag which broke the news that the Little Rock Pride organizers have decided that "due to a lack of interest," that this years' pride activites have been canceled at this date. As usual I threw the news open for debate, discussion or whatever. I 'm hoping to hear from Joe L. and anyone else who wants to add a productive voice on the issue. In that posting and other previous, I've made the case that Pride events all over the country have reached a crossroads in producing this type of ocassion. To some degree these festivals have become difficult to pull off due to high costs of production, volunteer recruitment, leadership voids, and the communities sense of "what's it's all about?" juxtaposed to a new concept of acceptance. Futhermore, I've stated that local pride activites have had a rocky existence and the pressure of making them bigger and better would eventually take it toll. Futhermore the sturcture of such entities to be inclusive and diverse have been problematic and wrought with inconsistencies.Especially, when a core group is stressed to the max and resources are at a minimal to say the least.How can momentum be forth coming when I don't recall any public reporting of last year's effort which most "non-profits" highlight or announce. This reporting entitled " event assessment," would includle such info as attendance, revenues vs. expenses, goals, perspectives or the basic outcome of the event. Did it just happen because "girls just want to hve fun or what?" For the record, let me be clear, I'm not about pointing fingers, but taking a 360 look at how we've reached this intersection, meanwhile seeking imput from the readership on possible solutions. Yet with that said, I noticed that much within the community is wanning and seems to be slowly fading to black including the closing of The Factory nightclub. Recently I noticed that members of the yahoo group, Rainbow Utopia were considering shuttering their online chat due to a lack of participation. Is the Book Club still around?, Gay cinema?, or any other micro-groups that serve GLBTQ interest. Wait don't tell me...let me put on my rose color glasses while knowing that everyone has been accepted at the table and I have nothing to worry about. Yeah right.

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