Friday, June 06, 2008

Reloaded Friday Fallout

I'm back in the Big Chair as the weekend looms large before me. Oh, boy what a week it's been with all the political as well as economic news rocking the scene. Meanwhile, this forum has been running full speed ahead as I've tried to stay ahead of the curve and more! Time's a wastin and let's get a reloaded Friday fallout in full swing...

Pride in the City: Even though last year's ballyhooed Pride blowout won't be repeated, there are other Pride events popping up all over the place. The Center for Artistic Revolution, DYSC( Diverse Youth for Social Change) group has announced it own version of pride June 14, Reservoir Park, 2-8 p.m. The afternoon will feature music, food and what they are billing as the "1st Annual Queer Olympics." According to promo material the event is geared to the 14 t0 23 set, but their "allies," ( I guest that's code for "old heads") are welcomed. Need more info? Then tell them you read it here first, then hit em up at 501.244.9690

Bayard Rising: During this historic week of activities and our local Pride week 2008 that seems to be lacking any "Brain Trust" programming, there will be a pre-Pride week presentation of the film Brother Outsider, which showcases the life and times of Civil Rights pioneer, Bayard Rustin. I've seen this film and it's a fine testament to the commitment and struggle that Mr. Rustin endured during this turbulent era. Also I had the fortune to actually meet Mr. Rustin before his death and found him just as engaging in person as you will discover in this Bi0-pic of his complex life. The film is being sponsored by the National Park Service. I've enclosed the e-blast with all the info you need to attend this important empowering offering.


Movie Program Presents:

BROTHER OUTSIDER The Life of Bayard Rustin

"Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin" chronicles Rustin's complex life story, a tale of race, prejudice and idealism at the heart of 20Th century America. An advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Rustin was often in the shadow of his accomplishments and socially ostracized because he was openly homosexual. Please join us for a pre and post show talk to celebrate the life and accomplishments of this Civil Rights Hero.


SATURDAY, JUNE 7th, 2008 AT 2:00 P.M.
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
2120 Daisy L. Gaston Bates Drive
For more information please contact Park Guides, Christian Davis
or Crystal Mercer at (501) 374-1957

Happy Birthday, Naturally: How does it feel to be 172 years old? Just fine thank you, as Arkansas celebrates it's statehood birthday. In case you don't know your Arkansas History and I'm sure that many of your probably don't. Arkansas has a colorful past that fills with a treasure trove of interesting factoids and stats that you should consider in your summer reading, volunteer opportunity or research questions. Here's a quick one, Who design the Arkansas State flag? Need a head start, then check out The Encyclopedia of Arkansas, where you can get everything you may want to know about this state with a right click. If you get the answer and send it to this forum, you could win a prize! I just added the valued resource to my list of favorite sites and yes, Virgina, the GLBTQ community has a section too! Do it today at

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Craig Wenzl said...

Thank you for posting all of this information. I'll have to keep checking your blog to find out what is going on while I'm here visiting Little Rock! Sure do wish I'd seen the posting about Bayard Rising in time so I could have gone to it. :-(