Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On point, Stayin ahead of the Curve and You!

Information is power and is an essential part of this forum in our continuing effort to outreach to the GLBTQ community and beyond. As I edit daily in search for the items that will make the cut, I'm still intrigued with the fact that some "basic information" or other pertinent facts are not reaching deep within the community. I'm just dumbfounded and broadsided when I inquire with locals who say they are "unaware, haven't heard, didn't know or for some reason missed out on that!" What's going on here? A saving grace for me was two recent comments from Mark W. visiting from San Francisco who commented that he was "glad to see information he would could know what was going on..." Thanks! Mr. W, for re-confirming to me that this labor of love is being viewed as a conduit to updates, commentary, video, pod casting and so much more! This is why we stand alone as Arkansas' only daily produced GLBTQ site and the ultimate destination for what's really going on!

Surviving A to Z: After seeing a segment on Good Morning America, I checked out a website that I thought would benefit many in Central City and perhaps statewide. It's the new, Survivorship A-Z portal( ) that supports those who are facing health dilemmas from Cancer to HIV. The site's mission statement is clear, "to provide the practical information you need to thrive in the "new normal" that exists after a life-changing diagnosis. Our information is modified when appropriate to specific conditions such as Cancer or HIV/AIDS. Our information can also be tailored for your life and situation through an Individual Action Plan." I felt that this tool could be another vital source to end users who may need additional assistance. I can't help but notice and be confounded by the flow of information within the HIV/ AIDS community that continues to be sluggish and confusing. It's just got to get better and I'm doubling my efforts to put everything I uncover on the table for use!

Circling the Waggons: The Arkansas Families First organization is alerting the community about the upcoming ballot Initiative which purports to: AN ACT PROVIDING THAT AN INDIVIDUAL WHO IS COHABITING OUTSIDE OF A VALID MARRIAGE MAY NOT ADOPT OR BE A FOSTER PARENT OF A CHILD". This is the ill-conceived measure of the Arkansas Family Council, which sponsored past anti-gay measures. According to an AFF organizational e-blast this outfit has canvassed Sunday School classes, trolled through their data base and hit the streets in search of signatures to put this item on the fall ballot resulting in to date, 40,537. They need 61,975 to get the title on the ballot. AFF is seeking volunteers, donations and your individual action to help stem this tide of madness. Get in touch TODAY at 501.280.0082
COP:24/7 on the Move: In case you are looking for items that some one has e-mailed, you've seen in our Yahoo blast and can't find it. Check out the archives with keywords to find those posting. A few of you have made mention that when you check the site, it's been updated. Ah Yeah! Don't forget we are Arkansas' only daily updating GLBTQ site,therefore when it news it here first and keep on moving! Stay in the loop by bookmarking the site, RSS or get on The List for e-mails and special mailings. You just can't afford to not too...Do it Today!! Need to hit us up, then do it in the comment section.

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