Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pride in the City

Houston's Oil Can Harry was rocked by Mr. Larry Edward's one of the foremost TINA impersonators, Las Vegas veteran and who is Little Rock bound for charity during GPW 08. I got a chance to catch Edwards talents as part of the La Cage production at the Riveria Casino in 2001, but over the years had previously seen the "Ultra Hot Chocolate," many times before in the Central Arkansas area. On June 25, his high energy antics will be "rolling on the river" as a part of a Cruising for a Cause 2008 fundraiser for HPWA,( Helping People With AIDS). Prior to a 8:30 p.m. boarding of the Arkansas Queen River Boat there will be a 7 p.m. cocktail reception at The Salty Parrot. Tickets( $40) are now on sale at local outlets. For more info contact: Dustin( 501.951.2326) or Annie (501.944.5385). Limited seating, so get those tickets TODAY!

Going to the Chapel: You'd have to have your head burried in the sand, not to have heard the noise from the alleged stampede to the Golden State by couples who are in search of a mariage doucument. Locally Channel 4( KARK) wanted to find a up-close angle while actually finding a real live couple who went on camera to tell of their impending "nuptial vacation." As I've watched to news coverage, it seems that there are a lot of lavender folks out there that wanted to get some "hitch papers." While I was living there a while back, I couldn't even find a decent date, let alone some one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Boy, times they must have changed. Meanwhile, the forces that believe that this "just not right" are gathering signatures and a cash booty said to be as high as 10 Million smackrooes to get this marrying thing stopped. So far at least two courts have held up the Supreme Courts decision and the I pronounce you "spouses for life," verbage will continue until some court some where say's not so fast.

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