Sunday, June 08, 2008

What's the Frequency, Again....

Has you tuner ever seemed out of range and you keep turning the dial until to you can get the right sounds coming from your radio or whatever source you use to stay infotained. Of course these days, radio has gone hi-tech with I-pods and my fav of streaming music. You can get a taste of that testament by tuning to our sister site on the Myspace platform at Yet with all these gadgets galore and most likely more to come, what I've found troubling in this electronic age is the simple and basic "understanding" of language. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that there's an increasing tone of rhetoric, doublespeak and verbiage that's juxtaposed to that cellular phone company tag line, "can you hear me now?" Yes, I can but I find myself asking "what's the frequency," you're transmitting from because what you are stating needs clarification to the hilt. If you've been listening up recently, you can hear it all around you, ranging from friends who say one thing then tell you that they actually meant something else all together. Such as when you call a friend whom you haven't heard from in some time and they say, "I was just meaning to call you..." Now, really! How can I forget that wonderful lovelorn twist of," I love you, but I'm not in love with you at thist time..." Say What? Then we have the big picture of life that keeps all this BS shuffling from one level to another including bosses, vendors, strangers and not to mention politicians. Meanwhile, with all this talk- talk going on, I do my damnest to "keep it real" with right mix of info and entertainment for you reading pleasure. So, if you ever wonder what's the frequency is here, it should be loud and clear, "empowerment, information and entertainment" for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Any questions? If not, then let's do a 360 to see what's happening...

AFF Exec Search: Say it ain't so! The Arkansas AIDS Foundation still has no permanent Executive Director after almost year after the sudden departure,( and not really explained) of Larry Dearmon. Not to mention the continuing In's and out's of it's board of director including the resignation of it's last board president. According to an e-blast, it seems that the foundation was still or again looking for an ED to led to organization. Apparently, there's a quasi campaign of some sorts in which long time activist, Bob Coffey is ready and willing to step to the plate. Golly, just think I was told that there was going to be a "national search" for a replacement. I just couldn't imagine that this organization would have to look across the whole U.S. of A for some one to run this embattled outfit. In the e-blast, Mr. Coffey outlines in a simple "frequency" what he foresees for the position such as restoring it's viability and credibility, down to how his compensation should be handle. Viola, need we ask for more, especially since that "national" search didn't amount to much, O.K. Certainly, if Bob needs additional "vetting," then so be it. But let's face it, the organization needs to get on with it and stop with the "deer in headlights" stance that's not proactive. Time's a wasting and many HIV/AIDS end users don't have this commodity to continue to waste. If you'd like to show your support then send a note to Ms Nakia Williams in support...her email is: Do it today and let me know what kind of reply you receive. You can bet she'll get one from this forum.

Frequency Out of Bounds: I never know what's going to make the cut in this forum usually until I've read all copy or excerpts. However, just as I was in the editing process, I saw an interesting tidbit that rolled across one my Yahoo groups. The post entitled, "Obama is not exactly right about many things..." displayed a list of urban myths and off colored facts about the Democratic nominee. For me, this was not the first time that I had seen this messy e-mail being circulated within gay circles. I had received it personally from an acquaintance that felt that I would be amused by it. For the record, the crown was not amused then or now by individuals who send out these messages for either malice or as Mr. K. Jones stated, " those of you who know me and my demented sense of humor..." Even more illuminating was the fact that Jones reported that he had "death threats" sent to him in response to his posting. Simply amazing. All this excess effort that could be so better directed in a positive vein during this pivotal election year. Here's my two cents to Mr. Jones. I'm all for free speech and sharing your opinion, but you better be ready to support that position with indisputable facts not urban fodder that fits your demented sense of humor. As for the death threats, I suggest that you report this to the group administrator for swift action. This type of terroristic threat is unacceptable and not to mention a crime. In the meantime, take two aspirins, hydrate and read the" Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama. It my just do you some good for your mindset and maybe your vote.

And the Winner is: In a previous post we posed the question about who designed the Arkansas state Flag? A keen and avid reader, Mr. Phil P. co-owner of Sidetracks who is a history buff ( who knew?) gave the answer and additional supportive knowlegde about the flag in record time. Who was the designer you ask, it was Willie Kavanuagh Hocker of Wabbaseka, Arkansas. Her flag design was accepted as the official state flag in 1913. Thanks, Phil for playing along and we will forward to you the prize ASAP. Keep reading because we've got more to come during PRIDE month 2008! Could their be a winner in you next?

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