Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mid Week Pride 360

And Were Off: Pride Week 2008 has started it's strut to the theme, Live - Love- Be. All across the city, each venue will be offering various entertainment and social events for the local GLBTQ community and allies. In case you missed it, there is a schedule of events booklet that's available to keep yourself in the know about what's happening, when and where. I saw a nifty display at Sidetracks which also has there in-house Ontrack magazine. Of course, this forum has highlighted events and posted direct info on what will be shaping up throughout the week. We are in the pride mode by pulling out all the stops, with all our gadgets, videos, podcast and so much more. It's all about staying locked in with COP:24/7!

AIDS Walk: The annual AAF AIDS Walk held earlier this month was deemed a success, even though no "numbers" i.e. how many participants? funds raised? etc. have been released. I even checked their new savvy website for details but to my surprise there was only a brief "thank you" blurb in the margins. I thought to myself, why wouldn't they use this new and improved tool to maximize their outreach to possible donors or maybe those who couldn't attend. For the record there is a "donation" button thown in for good measure. Then, I thought, wasn't that one of those goals that were mentioned in past brainstorming meetings? Rats! there I go again being rational about how matters ought to handled. Someone stop me before I start stop making sense. In other AAF news, at this posting I can't determine if there's been any movement on the selection of an Executive Director. In past outings, I mentioned that long time activist B. Cofffey has thrown his hat in to the pool of applicants ( if there is such a thing?) but I guess the entire matter is in a creeping mode. If there's any announcement or movement, I will try to get it to you on this website, because it might not seen anywhere else.
Pride Watch: As I've surveyed the events thus far, the week has been a slow wind up. This year there was only one contestant(Tionne Iman) for the Miss Gay Pride slot and get this, no real male to compete for the Mr. slot. However, some drag kings step in to fill the void. Now this twist could be considered a bent toward the politically correct, but are there really no men? Otherwise, many in the community also seem to be unaware or unconcerned about GPW 08. Most don't know the theme, despite booklets being available prior to the events I keep hearing "when did that happen?." I'm stumped that a variety of people are just uninformed. I understand that many may not log into this site, have broadband or perhaps not go out much, but gosh dern it what more must be done to sound off about events in this city? If you've got any answers or opinion, let's hear it.

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