Monday, June 02, 2008

Spin Cycles and Caravans in The Rock

It's finally here! June 2008, the mid-point of the year that starts the summer sizzle and the sounds of Pride. So far, what a year it's been. Tornado's, earthquakes, Hillary, Obama, McCain, pundits, talking heads, and of course, CorneliusOnpoint shooting from the hip and then some. Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, It's about to get hot in the city and we are going to be here, their and everywhere it's happening in the GLBTQ community and beyond. So, it's all about Spin cycles and caravans in The Rock!!! Now let's see what's going on...

Northshore Hook-up: In the past I've complained, not whined, about not always getting the hook-up with other entities in this city both Terra fir ma and digital. However, I wanted to thank the management of Sidetracks for giving me a "bear hug" in there OnTrack publication as well as continued readership. The mini-ad is on the Pink Triangle/Symbol page at the bottom along with out tag line, " Arkansas' Online destination..." I appreciate it very much! Sometimes I'm perplexed about my penetration in this community, but occasionally get reminded that there is a core group staying onpoint with me. With this in mind, I realize that I may need to step up my public profile and do some cross promotions or mash-up. So, if you saw our mini ad, then send me an e-mail to get a invitation to our special event. You never know what I may pull out my bag of tricks! If you've got ideas, reach out and touch me any time....

DSRA Re-Saddled: During my bar crawl last weekend, I spent some time with some of my most favorite folks at DSRA (Diamond State Rodeo Association) as they continue to fund raise for Rodeo in the Rock 2009. The evening was filled with DSRA Royalty and volunteers who donate their creativity to helping the DSRA full fill their goal to continue the now, bi-yearly event. Despite all the fun and frolic, I was somewhat broadsided by a unceremoniously announcement that Mr. Dan Scott, 1st alternate would assume the Mr. DSRA title from Rick Loftus this year's winner. You can't say that I'm not on the nerve of breaking news in this community. After the initial curiosity, I gave Scott a hearty congrats and asked him what his plans were for the remaining of the year. However, it seems that Dan was pretty overwhelmed himself and told me that "he really didn't know." Yet, he did confirm that he will still be hosting the monthly karaoke parties and doing his best to represent the organization. After all, it's apparent that what goes around comes around again, since he previously served as Mr. DSRA in 2005. I would be reticent if I didn't denote that this is another year that the Mr. DSRA titleholder position has been problematic and mired in controversy. Last year's titleholder, John, didn't bother completing his reign by showing up for this years competition and passing the title. He cited to me prior to the competition, that "he had developed a philosophy conflict with the organization and felt that he could no longer participate." In my brief conversations with Loftis, I discerned that he was proud to represent the title and had a positive working association. However, I was aware that he had been plagued with "incidents" that were not favorable, and his actions were surmised as allegedly violating royalty codes of conduct. According to sources, it seems that his untimely resignation was the topic of a "full throated" internal board discussion and decision. I've gotten mixed signals from the membership, but basically most have approached the issue as one they would like to get behind them. In full disclosure I've known Loftus, a number of years and I want to personally wish him well on his future endeavors. Also, as the old adage goes,there's always two sides to the story. So, here's my shout out to Mr. L. If you want to have your say, clear the air or share, then this forum is willing, and ready to give you ample room. I'm ready whenever you are!!

PRIDE in the City: Ah yes, it's time to unfurl those Rainbow flags for Pride 2008, June 22-29 as promoted by the area entertainment venues and outlets. This year's international theme: "Live-Love- BE, " will be highlighted by a week of diverse offerings ranging from Cookouts, Pajama Party with pillow fight, rolling on the River Cruise featuring former MGAA and Vegas veteran, Mr. Larry "Hot Chocolate" Edwards, A Game Show Night at Easy Street, a Out in the Woods camping event and the long running Turn-a bout show at the Backstreet Complex. I will be covering some events during that week along with our own brand of Pride 08 activities. If you need info or reminders there's a Pride 08 booklet that I'm assuming is available at all participating nightspots.

HIV & U: A meeting will be sponsored by the Arkansas HIV Minority Task Force, Thursday, June 5, 2008...Time: 530 p.m. It's apart of the Have Ya* Heard, Public Forum. It's open to the entire community and Refreshments will be offered. It will be held in the Joycelyn Elders Lecture Hall, of the Harry R. Kendall Science & Health Mission Center on the Philander Smith College campus in Little Rock, AR The E-blast heralded: We Need YOU !!! Come share your thoughts about reaching those in your community about HIV prevention, treatment and other available services.

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